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Photo Tutorial — Mirror, mirror

Published by Diana Tula · December 12th 2012

There is so much to learn about photography and we want to share 500px photographers’ pro tips and tricks with you. Last time we featured post-processing secrets of “Waiting for hair cut” photograph.

In this article Budapest-based photographer Ildiko Neer shares with us the details behind her photograph “Endless passion”, explaining how she created this photograph using mirroring technique.

I think that this kind of post-processing is a type of magician's trick. It is quiet simple and looks magical. You just need a row of trees and then in a post-processing program to mirror the image you’ve shot. Next step would be to layer the mirrored image over the original shot and to erase what you don't need. Final step is to tone, colour correct and retouch any parts you think are missing or distracting.

I followed these steps to achieve the final image:

  1. Changed colours with a preset I had in Lightroom.
  2. Added saturation with Nik Software.
  3. Applied another preset "My kind of red”, a custom trademark preset that I created myself.
  4. Made a horizontal turn, and so mirrored the image.
  5. Cropped from horizontal to square photo.
  6. In Photoshop cloned all the distracting and missing parts.

Step by step photo changes...

Original photo.

After the first preset+NIK CEP pro.

After "My kind of red" preset (custom trademark preset).

After the horizontal turn (mirroring) and crop.

After editing in Photoshop, cloning the missing parts and distracting parts.

More NIK cross processing, more cloning and that's it.

Thanks to Ildiko Neer for sharing this tutorial and thank you for reading!

Let’s share your skills and educate those new to photography. If you have a tutorial you’d like to share, be it in shooting, or post production, or even top tips for getting your work out there please get in touch, email


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Mykahl Raphael  over 1 year ago
i am going to try that
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  over 1 year ago
Let me know how your results turn out :)
Plus Account
Arif Akhtar  over 1 year ago
Wow brilliant tutorial:)
Sharon Mau  over 1 year ago
. I like the previous verson less saturated the most . . beautiful creative digital art . . ♥ . .
Brad Orr  over 1 year ago
I guess I'm naive, looking at the original picture I was wondering to myself if I could find a row of trees that was all enclosed like that, with a burning red sunset to light it up, in the fall. It certainly fueled my imagination. Thanks for opening the curtain a bit. It's cool that you can envision the final product from a rather common place snapshot.

José Ramos  over 1 year ago
You should not call this a "photograph". I know art is subjective and the whole photoshop argument has no definitive answers, but there can't be any doubt that this is a digital creation and not a photograph.
Louis Neville  over 1 year ago
This isn't a photograph, its 'digital art'...Looks great though, very evocative...
Awesome Account
Gangrenous Green  over 1 year ago
If you ask me, the saturation of the final step is too high. I like the previous, slightly less saturated version better.
Лукас Барбоса (inactive)  over 1 year ago
Interesting process, thanks for sharing
Dimitar Dachev  over 1 year ago
Reminds me of one of my works called "Spring":
Awesome Account
Teuni Stevense  over 1 year ago
Good work. Thanks for sharing.
José María  over 1 year ago
Very good job and thank you for the explanation! See you...
Seyyed Ali H M  over 1 year ago
Hey, why don't you take 2 photos from a row of trees ( from left side and one from right side) and then blend them the same way to make it look like that, it would be more natural rather than "symmetrical" looking trees?
Omar K.  over 1 year ago
fantastic but it isn't a Photo... it's art but not a photo
Markus van der Man  over 1 year ago
my opinion too, this one has nothing to do with a photography except the original basephotography....
Ted Gore  over 1 year ago
very true... lots of this kind of stuff on 500px, and people don't explain that it's a composite.
Ildiko Neer (inactive)  over 1 year ago
HI Ingrid, the "my kind of red" it is not possible to get...:) i made in LR, an presets, what i used to use by my own... :) sorry, about it... cheers...
Ingrid Epure  over 1 year ago
does anyone know from where I can get "My kind of red" preset?
Mark Wisecarver (inactive)  over 1 year ago
Awesome! I just started using LM4 64bit and have been scouting for presets.
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  over 1 year ago
I got in touch with the photographer and I will let you know as soon as I hear back from her :) For now you can check out many nice Lr presets here
Tiffany Oliver  over 1 year ago
I Love this!
Dylan Geisinger  over 1 year ago
Very nice!
Hilulili M  over 1 year ago
Hi Diana,
how can i get this NIK processing that you are talking about ?
and is it for lightroom or photoshop ?
Tiffany Oliver  over 1 year ago
Here ya go,

Inga Kondrashova  over 1 year ago
interesting! thanks!
Chris Jungermann  over 1 year ago
Nice !
Simple but nice ! The foto is very beautiful !

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