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Land Rover Story Challenge Winners

Published by Diana Tula · December 14th 2012

Contest Recap

We’ve teamed up with Land Rover USA to bring you a contest that could take you anywhere. Contest was “Land Rover Story Challenge” where 500px photographers were asked to unleash their creativity and in a story format share with us their photos and personal mantra that reflected Land Rover’s spirit.

Land Rover Story Challenge was a huge success! We are overjoyed with the number and quality of stories submitted and would like to thank everyone for your hard work and beautiful entries. You can see all the entries on 500px Search page.


Now it is time to announce the winners, selected by a panel of Land Rover judges and judged on a) creativity, b) storytelling, c) photographic style and d) overall brand fit. The winners are...

Ben Canales: "... the sight of the stars makes me dream..."

Arthur Chang: "I took the one less traveled by"

Lucas Gilman: "At the end of the day it's the journey and not the destination I remember"

Ivan Nava: "Passion for life!"

David Potter: "Just let go, and go"

Congratulations! Winners will receive a photography contract of $10,000 USD, a $2,000 USD travel stipend, ample promotion from Land Rover North America through Land Rover USA social media channels, be interviewed by Land Rover, and get their work featured on Land Rover digital properties and potentially advertising.


We'd like to share with you a photo from each story submitted by the winners.

Photographed by Ben Canales

Photographed by Arthur Chang

Photographed by Lucas Gilman

Photographed by Ivan Nava

Photographed by David Potter


Enjoy a short movie shot by Chris Stanford, US based film director and videographer.

Big thanks to everyone who participated!


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Ian Kreidich  almost 2 years ago
I did try to make LR aware of the rule discrepancies via facebook and twitter. I even posted links to where you can find some of these images previously published elsewhere. You know it is rather discouraging that you enter a contest basing your submission on the rules and then those who don’t follow the rules are some of the winners.
Daniel Lowe  almost 2 years ago
Wow, I wish I had known about this contest.... Congrats, Ben!

Plus Account
George Strohl  almost 2 years ago know, I thought they were looking for a story for each photo - an explanation if you will.......

Give me a $100k car in a beautiful location and making it look good is a no brainer - No offense to any of the winners, I am just saying I thought they were looking for more......

When I commited to this I thought I will get a LR and take some awesome pics, but then I thought anyone could make a Lr look good, in the city, country etc. Just thought they may be interested in something more..

#bitterlol #sad #betterlucknexttime

Edward Tatton  almost 2 years ago
my story doesn't even show a view? I lost without being seen. *sad keanu*
Ian Kreidich  almost 2 years ago
Comment hidden
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  almost 2 years ago
Hi Ian, Please let Land Rover know if you are aware of any rule discrepancies, send the details to LandRoverUSA via twitter @LandRoverUSA or message them on FB

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