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Best of 2012: Apocalypse

Published by Sara Collaton · December 21st 2012

The Apocalypse has been predicted by an intersection of religions, scientific evidence and prophecies to happen today on December 21st, 2012. Come what may we prepared our best Apocalypse themed photos of this year for you to enjoy. So kick back, relax and savor the anticipation of doomsday with world’s best photos.

Contagion by Karezoid Michal Karcz

Das Angel by Benjamin Von Wong

Apocalypse by Uli Staiger

Beautiful Eyes Of Death by Soltra Daniel

Storming into Sunset by Danilo Faria

Shooting Stars by Simone Ciliberti

2012 by Dennis Ottink

Post Apocalypse by Zoltan Toth

In The Depths Of Me by Giuseppe Parisi

Doomsday by Olya Antonova

Apocalyptica by Silent Shudder (Tim Kruskamp)


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andy 126 (inactive)  5 months ago
What a shame that almost all of them is not about photography but more about mastering Photoshop
Pengertian Pengertian
Mohan Duwal  over 1 year ago
great works!
Adrian Tavano  over 1 year ago
What a shame that almost all of them is not about photography but more about mastering Photoshop.....sad very sad.....
J K  over 1 year ago
Greg Urbano  over 1 year ago
great series of images !!
Awesome Account
Padrin Kwok  over 1 year ago
These shots are great!
Awesome Account
Robin Mayoff  over 1 year ago
Really impressive work.
Michael B. Stuart  over 1 year ago
Very cool!
sleepy robot  over 1 year ago
great collection!
Amal Duval  over 1 year ago
Wow! Fantastic work.
Silent Shudder (Tim Kruskamp)  over 1 year ago
Awesome collection!! And thank you for adding me!! You guys rule!
David Tavan  over 1 year ago
Martin Bamford  over 1 year ago
Great work!
Alistair Cunningham  over 1 year ago

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