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Best of 2012: Abstract

Published by Sara Collaton · December 22nd 2012

On Friday we started Best of 2012 list with Apocalypse themed photos. Today we’d like to share with you this year’s top ten photos in the Abstract category. Enjoy and make sure to visit the blog daily for new announced Best of 2012 photos.

Swimming on the Edge by Daniel Cheong

Nestlings by Nadine Swart

2012 by Simone Ciliberti

Diagonal Path by Jared Lim

dogwalk by Egon Kronschnabel

Incept by Alex Teuscher

AFL my source of inspiration by Esther van der Lecq

like a harp’s strings III by Julia Anna Gospodarou

Light calligraphy “lake Senezh” by Lightpaint.ru Moscow, Russia

Blue Abstract by Angie McMonigal


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andy 126 (inactive)  5 months ago
Another great series of photographs!
Pengertian Pengertian
Plus Account
Esther van der Lecq  over 1 year ago
thanks I am there.. love it.. love 500PX
julian john  over 1 year ago
Daniel, I am in awe! what an amazing shot! and the other shots are stunning as well.
Awesome Account
Juanita Clar de Jesus  over 1 year ago
You are the best Daniel Cheong!
Awesome Account
Daniel Cheong  over 1 year ago
Thanks 500px for selecting my shot, and thanks to all my followers who are really supportive and make my day every time I post a photo!
Awesome Account
Mark Simons  over 1 year ago
Congrats, this pic is awesome no matter how many times you see it ...
Ammar Feroz  over 1 year ago
You're a role model for aspiring landscape photographers.. keep up the amazing work :)
Hope you have many more amazing photos in 2013
Nagesh Mahadev  over 1 year ago
Well deserved Daniel! You are the man :)
Ashraf Jandali  over 1 year ago
You deserve it Daniel, your photos will always amaze us
Awesome Account
Simone Ciliberti  over 1 year ago
Thanx to 500px and thanks to everyone who faved and commented my photo, it was wonderful! My best wishes to you all amazing peoples!!!
Awesome Account
Brian Xavier  over 1 year ago
Congrats on all the winners! These are all amazing pictures that really inspire me to look for art in all kinds of places.
Murat Ekmen  over 1 year ago
Simon Boti  over 1 year ago
simply amazing!
Ahmed Abd Al Aziz  over 1 year ago
Amazing WOrk!
Nancy Andersen  over 1 year ago
Fantastic work!!
Awesome Account
Fernando De Oliveira  over 1 year ago
Gregory Urbano  over 1 year ago
Another great series of photographs!
Jesús Alberto Ramírez Viera  over 1 year ago
Skylark Pictures  over 1 year ago
Awesome selection! The one with the ladybug is incredible!
Ana Gouveia  over 1 year ago
<3 !
Filip Baotić  over 1 year ago
i love those pictures :3

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