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Best of 2012: Celebrities

Published by Sara Collaton · December 23rd 2012

On Friday we started Best of 2012 lists. We continue today with this year’s top ten photos in the Celebrities category. Enjoy and make sure to visit the blog daily for new announced Best of 2012 photos.

Esquire by Pavel Levchuk

The Nirvana Baby by John Chapple

Jon Bon Jovi by John Chapple

Will Smith by George Malets

Nicole Kidman by strych9ine

The Rolling Stones by Rodney Pike

Amanda Seyfried by Timothy Jackson

TARANTINO by Alessandro Giraldi

YELLO by Robert Maschke

deadmau5 by Kim Erlandsen


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Alessandro Giraldi  over 1 year ago
Owowwww!! Very nice to part of this!! Thanks!!
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Francisco Morais  over 1 year ago
WOW, great photos... and I would love to include mine "Boss" in action!
Plaban Bhattacharya  over 1 year ago please have a look
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Jared Lim  over 1 year ago
Great set of photos! But this should be included as well :)
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Sara Collaton  over 1 year ago
that photo was taken in 2009 :)
Joey Valverde  over 1 year ago

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