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Best of 2012: Street

Published by Diana Tula · January 10th 2013

Street photography holds up a mirror to society, showing to us who we are today or once were and what surrounds us. It often captures a candid single moment or a literal and personal interpretation of reality. Take a walk down the streets and public places with these Best of 2012 photos in Street category.

Greeting by alexander kan

Mischievous Passenger by MJ Scott

Slaughter Day 2 by Miodrag Cakic

These Roads Don't Move by Stephan Geyer

Wet Monday by Colin Templeton

Dhobi - laundry man by Saumalya Ghosh

Stop & Motion by Guib_Did Didier

the violinist by Fokko Muller

Almost closed by Kimhwan SEOULIST

SARAJEVO Ode to Joy by Mirza Ajanovic


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Maria Kappatou  over 1 year ago
Well done!!! :)
Swayamsiddha Mohapatra  over 1 year ago
Amazing shots!!
Biagio De Giovanni  over 1 year ago
Beautiful Collection
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Stephan Geyer  over 1 year ago
Very flattering and humbling to have been selected amongst all the street photos of 2012. Thanks to the judges and thanks to everyone in the comments for the nice words!
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Devang Shah  over 1 year ago
Lovely Shot.
Kevin Murray  over 1 year ago
Love the one with old lady!! At what age do you start getting away with that :)
Paulo César Silva  over 1 year ago
some of them are very good! but not the best! better work for next time...
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Vey Telmo  over 1 year ago
These are only .001 of the best street photography in 500px. Show more and the real best!
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Vey Telmo  over 1 year ago
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Laurian B  over 1 year ago
yeah, why only b&w?
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Jakub Ostrowski  over 1 year ago
I have no idea how you have chosen the shots but you have either no clue about street photography or no taste at all. Maybe both of them. There is only one amazing photograph here, the rest are rather mediocre. Too bad that with so many fantastic photos uploaded last year you opted for these.
Mark Wisecarver (inactive)  over 1 year ago
Agree, the weekly theme selections often seem whack. ;-)
Arjun Menon  over 1 year ago
why black and white?
Joe Asla  over 1 year ago
Lovely selections, have to say !
Mark Wisecarver (inactive)  over 1 year ago
You really should have included this great shot by Oliver Weigel:
Lina, Bulgaria  over 1 year ago
Great selection - bravo!!!
Viajante Intencional  over 1 year ago
wow, great, special photos
Siddhartha Mukherjee  over 1 year ago
Great collection and wonderful moments!

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