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Best of 2012: Food

Published by Diana Tula · January 16th 2013

At a loss for appetizing breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas? Get inspired with these ten photos in Food category. For more inspirational and great photos check out the rest Best of 2012 photo lists by browsing the blog.

My Happy Meal Version! by Vanessa Dualib

sashimi with unagi by Natalia Lisovskaya

Burger Baron Menu Image by Kiriako Iatridis

Bob lamb by Sergey Adamoff

Taijitu by Gert Lavsen

#16 - don't step on the grass, sam by nadir's big... (project)

. by Dan Cretu

sunny lemon by Xenia Lerta

Coffee Portrait   by Jatuporn K.suwan

Fire tree    by Gabriele Liaudanskaite


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Mohamad Zaki  about 1 year ago
superb ! so cool
RDGF  about 1 year ago
Joseph Muller  about 1 year ago
de tres belles oeuvres ! !!
ali abu-baker  about 1 year ago
Zeina Shahin  about 1 year ago
very creative indeed!
Awesome Account
Lyn Scott  over 1 year ago
Seriously wonderful!
Szentgyörgyi János  over 1 year ago
really perfect selection! :)
Yeshen Eiler Venema  over 1 year ago
nice selection!
Gabriele Liaudanskaite  over 1 year ago
Dear Diana, you brought me to tears literally :))) I'm so delighted to see my photo here! A million thanks ♥
Vijay Chhuttani  about 1 year ago
Your click is so creative.... loved it... :)
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  over 1 year ago
Congratulations Gabriele! :)

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