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The Last 4 Weeks

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · June 21st 2011

We’ve had so much on our agenda in the last few weeks that we totally abandoned our blog. No good!

So, first a run down for some cool numbers: we flew past 3,000,000 visits and 25,000,000 pageviews. That’s no small deal. However, combined with 60% month-to-month growth this is expected.

Just yesterday we had our highest traffic yet — over 144K visits and over 1 million page views. You can imagine our excitement!

On the feature list, we are working hard on several things: better administration panel to more effectively fight spammers. As we get more popular, spammers try to sneak their ads and other irrelevant content. We are ready to fight with them vigorously!

Some nice touches have been made to the Uploader — now, if you try to close or click another link, you’ll have a message box warning you of unsaved content. No more accidentally lost uploads!

We had introduced an uber-cool navigation a week ago, but had to quickly pull it down, because it quickly (as in 30 minutes) became very popular, and it wasn’t tested for. The whole site almost stalled, so we removed it. It will be coming a bit later, complete with more shortcuts for previous, next and following.

Back to the shortcuts, we introduced two of them: (L)iking and (F)aving. So go ahead and press those tiny cute buttons to perform magic from your keyboard!

We also introduced NSFW switch (on Popular & other pages, as well as in Settings > Site). If’s a nice thingy that prevents photos, categorized as nude, to be shown while you are at home with family or at work. Don’t expect it to be perfect, but we’ll be adding crowd-sourced ways to manage such content. It’s going to be pretty!

On the backend, we’ve optimized our CSS a lot, fixed (broken for some) Facebook connect, added more aggressive caching (so, faster load times), and rewrote literally thousands of lines of code (now, it’s down to hundreds, and still working great!).

What’s next for us? Well, taking the site from thousands of users to tens of thousands wasn’t a small feat, considering how intensive some of our calculations are for the users (scoring, voring, etc.). Now that we have crossed the 100,000 users mark, we are on to a whole new level. A lot of optimizations and improvements are going to be in the backend, invisible to users, but it will help us grow smoothly.

On this weekend, we've got a surprise gift from Yahoo. Four mugs with a Yahoo! logo on them. Well, sipping tea from them is actually quite pleasant.

And once again, thanks for all the love on twitter and blogs! We are still a very small team (actually, just 4 of us), so we work extra hours and will go extra mile to make 500px a home to world's most prominent photographers.

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Gergely Dezső  about 3 years ago
Keep it up, you are doing a great job. Thank you for that.
Scott Webb  about 3 years ago
You guys are rocking it. I miss Toronto so much! I graduated from Ryerson University for architecture and moved back home to London. You guys make me want to move back to Toronto. Your company inspires me and I'm going to keep looking at your job openings!

Keep up the awesome work and thanks for representing Canada in this awesome industry.

Ryan Wright  about 3 years ago
Great work with the site! Loving the experience!
Taylor Moore  about 3 years ago
Awesome work guys. I have bought a membership but to damn busy to organize my pix and post.
Awesome Account
Rishi S  about 3 years ago
Congrats! Keep up the awesomeness!
Patrick McKeown  about 3 years ago
Nice Ian, after our discussion on Saturday it's funny that you got some yahoo mugs. :) Enjoy the fun times, it's great to see the site doing so well!
Awesome Account
Joe Dantone  about 3 years ago
This site take photography and art to a whole new level. I love everything about it. Its very clean and professional looking, unlike another photo website that i know of ;p
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  about 3 years ago
We've heard rumours that we have an insider in Yahoo :-)
Awesome Account
Csaba Tökölyi  about 3 years ago
thanks for the great work, guys, cheers to all of you. this site is a real pleasure both visually and content wise. lots-a-thumbs up!
500px Team
Oleg Gutsol  about 3 years ago
yahoo mugs is a nice touch, who sent them?
Miles Pro Photo  about 3 years ago
Thank you! This is the photo sharing site we have all been waiting for!
Michael Walker-Toye  about 3 years ago
I am really enjoying the site. Great stuff!
Awesome Account
Evan Wilson  about 3 years ago
I think most people are willing to wait for features as long as they know they're coming eventually. As long as everything remains in the realm of healthy competition, everyone wins.
Gary Simmons  about 3 years ago
I'm becoming a fan of 500px... although those Yahoo mugs make me nervous... Don't sell to them!
Scott Moore  about 3 years ago
congrats on the growth 500px... I'm becoming more and more a fan. Keep up the good work.
Martin Orozco  about 3 years ago
is cool to read this great news guys! you rock!
John Sandström  about 3 years ago
Very impressive. Keep up the good work. You prove that there is still a lot of invention and improvement left on the table when it comes to social web stuff.
Awesome Account
Buck Shreck  about 3 years ago
Keep up the great work that you guys do, .... I don't mind some bumps and glitches once in a while ....... it shows that you are just growing in the right direction ......but be prepared for the big time, as I'm sure this site is the best on the market right now, only to get to the top of the list for sure .... you have my vote anyway ....


Rahul Jain  about 3 years ago
Wolf Pack of 4.. U doing awesome Work.. Love this site so much.. Thanks to u guys. and yeh!! cool mugs... u have my contact info pls relpy me.. and tell me your 500px a/c name want to follow u and your clicks. obviously u have them i knw. :) :P
Tom Holmes  about 3 years ago
Goes to show if you make something good the people will come :) Someone just compiled a list on Talk Photography showing all the members there who have signed up. Impressive numbers - !
Sam Mannaerts  about 3 years ago
I've only discovered it last week and I must say you did a very great job! Brilliant website with amazing pictures!
Thanks a lot!
Jacek Smoter  about 3 years ago
A lot have been done during the last 4 weeks. Nice, thank you, guys!
Goran Vuksan  about 3 years ago

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