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Follow Friday: Wildlife Photographers

Published by Diana Tula · January 25th 2013

Hi everyone! Inspired by the Follow Friday hashtag movement on twitter we are starting a new weekly feature on our blog. With Follow Friday posts you can discover new, popular and up-and-coming photographers from 500px to follow and add to friends.

Marina Cano

Lovers of animal photography and fine art won’t fail to notice Marina Cano’s photographs. Marina skillfully captures those perfect Hallmark moments of the wildlife kingdom.

Nikolai Zinoviev

Nikolai Zinoviev’s love for wildlife translates into his beautiful high resolution photos. Braving the dangers Nikolai once lived 40 days in the wild photographing Kamchatka’s nature and wildlife. His photos of brown bears stole our hearts, will your heart be stolen too?

Axel Hildebrandt

If you love the feathered, winged and endothermic creatures of the world — birds, then don’t miss photos by Axel Hildebrandt. Birds are his specialty and he just might be nearing in to capture all 10,000 avian species out there.

Hristo Peshev

Had a hard week and wanting to de-stress? Look no further, indulge in wildlife photos of Hristo Peshev. Captured at the mountainous and wetland regions of Bulgaria these photos are bound to share their sense of peace and tranquility with you.

Marc MOL

Big cats, hyenas, water buffalo, hippos, zebras, Marc’s portfolio has got it all. There is no need to wait for a vacation, take a trip to Africa right now. Be warned, as in real life safaris some imagery is not for the faint of heart.

Bridgena Barnard

If you are lusting for more African wildlife we’d like to recommend photos by Bridgena Barnard. What makes her photos unique are great action scenarios and unusual angles that show us the moments which could have been missed by an untrained eye.

Buck Shreck

Our favourite photos by Buck Shreck are photos of North American wildlife, they feel really close to home. Take a look at his profile and decide for yourself which photos you like best, will it be a close-up of bold eagle, bear fishing for salmon, silhouette of a cheetah or a swimming hippo?

Edwin Kats

Edwin’s photos are so good that at times they feel too good to be true. We know it’s impossible to stage such scenes as a baby deer cradling by his mom’s side or an eagle triumphing while atop his pray, but you can’t blame us for having doubts. Those photos look simply perfect! Take a look and judge for yourself.

Yves Adams

Yves Adams is no stranger to bat caves, following birds for days and freezing in hopes to get that one good photo. His dedication pays off with stunning and remarkable photos. Enjoy his fine art wildlife photos and appreciate special moments captured.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup! This is just the first post and there are many more wildlife photographers whom we can’t wait to recommend to you. Come back next Friday for more incredible photographers to follow and get inspired by. Thanks for reading :)

Who is your favourite wildlife photographer at 500px? Let us know in the comments below.


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Awesome Account
Rudi Hulshof  over 1 year ago
There are so many great Wildlife Photogs out here on 500px, I am more familiar with the African Continent Photographers, but it would do nobody any harm to take a peek at, Brendon Cremer, Wim van den Heever, Andrew Schoeman, Marius Coetzee, Morkel Erasmus, Andrew Aveley, Hendri Venter,. There are so many more and we are all a very tight group that know each others work well, and inspire each other to strive for better and better images.
Awesome Account
Gustavo Marquez  over 1 year ago
Really hard to decide upon a better wildlife photographer, each one with his style creates excellent images, some sublime and inspirational. Regards to all those excellent photographers for sharing their universe of images.


Steven Mornout  over 1 year ago
At the moment, Marsel van Oosten, missing out in the list above, but Edwin Katz is also an inspiration.
Bernadett Pusztai  over 1 year ago
Great list of wildlife photographers! I love them all! My favs are too (my list is not complete :) ) Henrik Nilsson, Mark Bridger, Max Rinaldi and Jules Cox.
Amir Sohail Choudhury  over 1 year ago
motne al hrby  over 1 year ago
Awesome Account
Alexey Sizov  over 1 year ago
frizz text  over 1 year ago
great collection!
Awesome Account
Hali Sowle  over 1 year ago
Mark Wisecarver (inactive)  over 1 year ago
Great idea!
Awesome Account
Alexey Sizov  over 1 year ago
Pierantonio Bertoldo  over 1 year ago
great feature, thanks 500px! many congrats to all wildlife photographers
Awesome Account
Lenila Cipriana  over 1 year ago
Anna Federowicz  over 1 year ago
I love all the pictures :)
Anna Federowicz  over 1 year ago
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  over 1 year ago
You can click on each photo & see more great photos by the same photographers :)
jarda pavouk  over 1 year ago
Moni Határhegyi  over 1 year ago

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