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A Travelling iPhonographer

Published by Diana Tula · January 31st 2013

Listen to Kevin Russ, an iPhonographer who got famous through Instagram and a photo project that started out of curiosity, as he shares his photographic journey and shows his unique photos. Want to add Kevin to friends and follow his future work? Visit Kevin’s 500px profile page.

Last time we featured “Journey Kyoto to Tokyo” by Mamun Humayun, a piece of everyday life in Japan captured in a ride on the Shinkansen. For more videos browse the blog and let us know if you’d like to be featured. Send in links to your videos to We’re always open to fresh and exiting content and ideas.


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Charles Nam  about 1 year ago
murat aksak  about 1 year ago
go on kevin
Awesome Account
Gustavo Marquez  over 1 year ago
Good video of the great work of Kevin!
Awesome Account
Bernardo Iribarnegaray  over 1 year ago
Precioso vídeo!!
Awesome Account
Preßmann  over 1 year ago
i think it was "Afterglow" and "VSCO Cam"
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  over 1 year ago
I use VSCO Cam for post-processing phone photos, it's great :) You can also export iPhone photos and edit them in Ps or Lr.
Gauthier Le Guen  over 1 year ago
Someone know what app does Kevin use ? He says instagram because of the community but what about processing his pictures ? Thanks :)

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