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Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · June 26th 2011

Well, fortunately for our users and unfortunately for us, we still don’t get to have normal weekends. A weekend is a day when you can come an hour or two later to work and leave an hour or two earlier.

We have made some changes on Saturday night, that caused a little outage for the site (about 1-2 minutes), but overall change have made whole site more responsive. So, since last 2 weeks and for the foreseeable future we’ll be focusing a lot on speed, responsiveness and uptime. Our ultimate goal is to have at least 99,9% uptime during a single year.

This week we also introduced some changes to the site.

First of all, we’ve got our iPad, so we put it down to work and debugged the site to work a lot better with iPad. Currently, it is UI & UX fixes for now, but a lot more improvements will be coming.

We also introduced ‘Right Click Protection’. Once again, unofortunately, nothing in this world can protect your photos from being taken, because that’s how the technology works. And even most advanced technologies can be hacked or avoided with scripts, add-ons and different browsers. But we want to make sure that your images are protected, so we work actively to find and delete accounts that post copyrighted images that do not belong to them (unfortunately, that happens sometimes). You can report any photo or user and we’ll act quickly.

EXIF support has been finally added, so we now read your titles, descriptions and tags. As before, you can crop your thumbnail in Photo > Edit after the upload if you didn’t like how it looks. Now you don’t have to do double work when uploading to 500px. Thanks for the patience!

Hemos añadido a la lista española de nuestras lenguas. You can switch it at the bottom. Our translation currently applies to the basic navigation within the site, and we hope to make the whole site available in all supported languages at the end of this year. And, of course, more languages are coming!

So, what’s next? This week we’ll focus on stability, and some important features, like unlinking and relinking of a Facebook account (we currently do that manually). We’ll also work on adding navigation back (along with keyboard shortcuts), since we introduced it a two weeks ago and that caused a site to go down (yes, it’s that popular!).

Let us know how we can help. As usual, we are almost 24/7 on twitter @500px!

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Mark Liddell  about 3 years ago
Honestly, right click protection is weaksauce when you advertise an embed button which cannot be turned off and shows image location for anyone to 1) hotlink and 2) easily save
remove50 (inactive)  about 3 years ago
« Now you don’t have to do double work when uploading to 500px. »

first, this blog is fantastic, unequaled on photosharing sites. your attention to Twitter is commendable. I hope it can be sustained as you grow, and the number of issues to address increases by leaps and bounds.

the above sentence about EXIF is not quite true, for me. there is no setting that allows me to *disable* the automatic attachment of EXIF data to a photo for display. it really annoys me that I have to upload, then edit the photo to remove every instance of information I do not want displayed (i.e., camera used, lens used, settings, and such). I think technical information detracts from the enjoyment of the photo, and I do not want it displayed. there is enough "noise" in the photo page already.

I welcome the ability for people to display all the information they want, even as a default, but if there is any sense that enough members enjoy having a minimal display and do not require a wired-in default of displaying EXIF and other information, then I hope such a software change can be installed at some point.

I am itching to go paid, because of the excellent portfolio feature, but the uploading is rather laborious — uploading one photo at a time, and then having to edit quite a few boxes.


Zofie be  about 3 years ago
Hi! Love the right-click function a lot, but it's not always working like it should. If you work on a mac (for example) and you press ctrl + click you can easily save the picture you want.
Just so you know. :)
Eddy D  about 3 years ago
You guys are doing a great Job and I know your super busy.


you would get more commission from United kingdom for prints sold, if you struck some sort of deal over here.
Brits will not pay for the shipping cost of the prints.
It is just not practical to order prints from the US.

1 print ordered =$7
UPS Delivery = $7.49
Total= to much.

David Queenan (inactive)  about 3 years ago
How do you turn right clock protection on, because ever image I've tried it with (and I don't even mean my own) I can right click (or control click on the mac) and save the image to my desktop - albeit a lo res one.
Nicole Rae  about 3 years ago
You guys really are doing great work, especially with all of the new users! Thanks for the right click protection, but I agree with Sam about the embed function. Is there anyway to turn that off?
Michelle Rocha  about 3 years ago
better upload way!
Sam Chadwick  about 3 years ago
Can we get the ability to turn off the embed function please? It is actively encouraging people to commit copyright infringements.
Awesome Account
Steve Skinner  about 3 years ago
Stoked about the exif data and even the right-click protection! I know it's not 100% security, but anything that makes it more difficult to just right-click and save is helpful.
Will Burrard-Lucas  about 3 years ago
Keep up the great work! It's really nice to be part of a community that is constantly evolving!
Andrey Ospishchev  about 3 years ago
Ian Sobolev, ???????, ? ??? ? ?????. ??, ?????? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ???????? ???????? ??? ?? ?????.
George Wheelhouse  about 3 years ago
Loving your work, guys.
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  about 3 years ago
Frank, sure. We'll work on that.
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  about 3 years ago
Andrey, ?????? ????? ????? ??????????????? (photo > edit)
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india | blue  about 3 years ago
Doing what I can to get all my 200+ Flickr friends to switch...appreciate all the work guys.. good luck with everything.
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Daniela Duncan  about 3 years ago
Love the right click protection - gracias! :)
Andrey Ospishchev  about 3 years ago
??????? ?? ???????? ????!
????? ???????? ???????? ?? ?????? ??????? - ??? ?????????? ??????? ? ????????, ??? ?????? ????????? ?? ?? ?????? ????.
Michael Friedman  about 3 years ago
Thank you for this great opportunity for all of us!
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Jeff Clow  about 3 years ago
This is why I'm inviting 20 Flickr users a day from my contacts to join 500 px. You guys do a TREMENDOUS job considering your small staff.

My compliments to all of you for a job very well done, day in and day out.

Awesome Account
Mike Olbinski  about 3 years ago
Great job guys!
Ryan Wright  about 3 years ago
Thanks for all the hard work!
Frank King  about 3 years ago
You folks are doing fantastic work. Thanks for the long hours! Just one question: is it possible to make links posted on walls and in photo descriptions live?

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