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Valentine’s Contest & Winners

Published by Diana Tula · February 19th 2013

Contest Recap

To confess our love to you we hosted a Valentine’s contest giving away 14 Awesome cards. What’s special about these Awesome cards, besides that each is redeemable for one year of Awesome membership, is that currently these cards aren’t for sale and can be won only. To enter all you had to do to is upload a photo to 500px with a tag “500pxlovesme”.

The contest was a great success! We loved seeing all the entries, their variety, creativity and the talent behind them. If you haven’t seen all the photos submitted, take a look and enjoy a wonderful pool of photos both love related and not on 500px Search page.


Winners were randomly chosen using The lucky 14 are...

Thanks to everyone who entered! Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t won, instead stay tuned for more contests and giveaways on our blog and participate again.

Dear winners, please email with your mailing address (it can be your home, work or PO box address). Cards will be mailed out as soon as we have your contact information.


To promote and celebrate your work we’ve been posting some of the entries to our blog since the launch of the contest. Want to know if your work has been featured? Scroll through previous blog posts. To wrap up the contest here are some of our favourite photos that haven’t been spotlighted yet, enjoy :)


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Awesome Account
Mariya Olshevska  over 1 year ago
Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!
Daiva Zi  over 1 year ago
Thank you!!!
Oliver Frohnert  over 1 year ago
Jipieeee ... thank you so much!!!!
Amit Shaw  over 1 year ago
Really awesome. Loved it.
Awesome Account
Nik [Nitro] Yur  over 1 year ago
Thank you Random Generator, your randomness is appreciated >:)
Awesome Account
Suraj Balchand  over 1 year ago
Thanks for selecting me!

Cheers to the rest of the winners and others who added so many awesome photos!

Awesome Account
Roberto Campos  over 1 year ago
Congrats to the winners! :) ... except that last one, I really don't like it. o.O All the others are amazing, great job.

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