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Follow Friday: Roof Topper Photographers

Published by Diana Tula · April 19th 2013

Inspired by the Follow Friday hashtag movement on twitter we started a new feature on our blog. With Follow Friday posts you can discover new, popular and up-and-coming photographers from 500px to follow and add to friends. Today we are focusing on Roof Topper photographers.

Roof Topper

Hiding behind a clown mask is a talented Toronto based photographer, who wowed the world with his photo “i'll make ya famous”. Visit his profile to see gravity defying photos and fall in love with the heights.

Alexander Remnev

Alexander makes roof topping seem effortless. Going through his work you’ll see photos taken from the highest and most challenging places in Moscow. Images are taken despite weather conditions, snow, thunder, who cares? One of our favourite photos by Alexander is “get height”.

Anton Vaganov

Anton Vaganov is a talented Russian roof topper from the north capital of Russia — St. Petersburg. What makes his roof topping photos stand out are unique and clever setups and ideas. Among his portfolio you can also find beautiful candid street photos and portraits of his friends.

Karim Nafatni

With saturated photos and HDR Karim conquers the magical heights of Dubai. When browsing his profile be on a lookout for a really cool inside the airplane photo.

Ivan Kuznetsov

When I stumbled upon this photo today I remembered just how much I am afraid of heights! Currently Ivan has only a few photos up on 500px, but they are certainly worth your attention.

Neil Ta

We’re so happy to feature a second Toronto photographer (PS In case you didn’t know 500px is from Toronto as well). Neil Ta has a great mix in his portfolio of travel, urban exploration and roof topping photos. Climbing tower cranes and rooftops he gets great Toronto views.

Kirill Vselensky

Travel to Russia with roof top, street and travel photos by Kirill. You can’t help but wonder that there must be something very special about Russia. All this crazy roof topper talent is just mind blowing.

proletariat class

We fell in love with proletariat’s photos as soon as we saw images with the film-like post processing. Turns out that proletariat favours the untypical processing of photos, experimenting with different styles and techniques. Take a look for yourself and enjoy his work.

Vadim Makhorov

Vadim travels the world with a group of daredevil photographers, climbing unimaginable heights and structures. If you think that this photo looks familiar you could have seen it on the CNN. Can’t say that we didn’t save the best for last.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup! This is the first Follow Friday post in this genre and we can’t wait to share more features with you. Come back next Friday for incredible photographers to follow and get inspired by. Visit last post Follow Friday: Family Photographers and discover great talents.

Who is your favourite Roof Topper photographer at 500px? Let us know in the comments below, feel free to nominate yourself.


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andy 126 (inactive)  5 months ago
Great collections...
Erik Einarsen Sellæg  about 1 year ago
Some inspiring work! Great collectons.
Alexandre Motais De Narbonne  about 1 year ago
Here is mine :)
Awesome Account
Freaktography Photography  about 1 year ago
Great collection, I've been inspired by many of them!!
Suman Kar  about 1 year ago
Great collections...
Awesome Account
Dara Pilyugina  about 1 year ago
And one of my favorite photographers (how could I forget him?):
Chiragh Bhatia  about 1 year ago
It's a shame that Daniel Cheong isn't on this list !
Sergey Alimov  about 1 year ago
You forgot about me!

In fact I like nobody of these rooftop-photographers, maybe Roman Wersh has more interesting photos for me.

Plus Account
Jason Teale  about 1 year ago
I really like roof topping. I was happy to see so many great photographers here. Thanks for introducing me to a few more!
Roof Topper  about 1 year ago
Thanks for including me here, others on 500px include

Ivan Kuznetsov -
Jonathan Castellino -
Richard Pennington -

major tom -
Navid Baraty -
Ronnie Yip -
George Lanchevsky -
Erik M -
Marat Dupri -
Lev Shevchenko -

Plus Account
Jason Teale  about 1 year ago
These are great! Thanks for the inspiration!
Neil Ta  about 1 year ago
Thanks for including me in the bunch!
Plus Account
Kurt Jacobs  about 1 year ago
Awesome! Did a rooftop just this week too but certainly not as spectacular as these ones, just plain cityviews :-)
Awesome Account
Beatrice Ghorra  about 1 year ago
Thanks for curating those awesome people :)
Awesome Account
Frank Lemire  about 1 year ago
so much vertigo...! you rooftoppers are in a class of your own.
Oğuzhan Hacısalihoğlu  about 1 year ago
Innocenzo Ciorra  about 1 year ago
People of this amazing talent are raising the bar everyday and introduced a new type of photography that makes most weak in the knees including myself .
Jussi Ulkuniemi  about 1 year ago
Awesome, this is just what I would like to do too! Can't wait to move to a bigger city and find people like this...!
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  about 1 year ago
I'm sure even in rural areas you can take really awesome roof topping style photos too :) When creating this feature I started thinking how cool roof topping would look in abandoned towns or areas. That's the project I'd love to do :)

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