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Toronto is Home

Published by Diana Tula · May 1st 2013

Did you know that 500px team is from Toronto, Canada? This epic video was filmed by proletariat class and shows Toronto not only from dusk till dawn but also from summer to winter and onwards. Giving you a peek into the city's life from an aerial view. If you watch closely enough you can spot the flooded streets of the city during Nuit Blanche — an annual event when people go out to the streets from 7PM to 7AM to experience art.

Enjoy and let us know which was your favourite moment.

proletariat class is a great roof topper photographer, so remember to check out his work later. For more videos browse the blog and let us know if you’d like to be featured, email Last time we shared “The Collodion Process”, a video that takes you on a journey of a traveling collodion studio.


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cartographr  over 1 year ago
Thanks. Glad you guys are lovin' it.
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Contessa Roberts  over 1 year ago
Brilliant!!!!! My favorite moment: the course of the sun betweeen the skyscrapers.
Alex Duchêne-Zimmerman  over 1 year ago
Beautiful. Living in TO for 5 years now and VERY proud to now call it home. This video is a perfect depiction of how vibrant this city is.
Matthew McCord  over 1 year ago
You guys asked fans of the site what they wanted more of. The fans responded. Then you followed through. Great job, 500px. The site keeps getting better and better. Love the video. Toronto is a fascinating city in a lot of ways.
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Kai *  over 1 year ago
Great video! Fascinating to watch! I'm living in a more rural region, so I really love those lightened Skyscraper pictures and movies!
Justin Knotzke (inactive)  over 1 year ago
I see your Hogtown and I raise you to something of pure beauty, Montreal:


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Miguel K  over 1 year ago
Awesome work, nicely done!
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cartographr  over 1 year ago
Thanks! The Rogers centre shot is something I do yearn for, but maybe in my next video. The number of shutter acquisitions is enough to significantly lower my camera's values to bargain prices. They still work like a charm though so thats good!

I have a new video coming out May 7th, 0800 EST, called Hong Kong is Home.

Stay Tuned!

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Diana Tula  over 1 year ago
Awesome! Looking forward to the HK video <3
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Kasler Photography  over 1 year ago
I loved Toronto. I was there in mid January this year and it was over 16c. I have Toronto set up in my profile as well.
Jason Douglas  over 1 year ago
Awesome stuff. How do you get access to these locations?
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Jay Callaghan  over 1 year ago
Very cool. Would love to know the settings used to get some of those affects. Also curious how many shutter acqusitions they used on the camera to get those videos.

Only thing the video is missing is the Rogers Centre roof opening and/or closing.

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cartographr  over 1 year ago
In due time man. In due time.

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