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What's in Your Bag, Lincoln Harrison?

Published by Jen Tse · August 11th 2011

What makes a great photographer? Besides a good pair of eyes, great intuition, some technical know-how, and sometimes sheer luck, no great photog can do what they do without their gear. And the contents of a gear bag can say a little, or a lot about a person.

The What's in Your Bag series features remarkable photographers from the 500px community and gives us a peek into what they consider their essential tools on the go. This week's feature is Lincoln Harrison.

Who are you, Lincoln?

Lincoln Harrison, born and raised in Bendigo, Australia. I bought my first camera in October of last year. I just wanted a decent camera for general picture taking, I had no intentions of getting into photography as a hobby. A week later I had about 8 lenses and all the other bits and have been shooting at least twice a week ever since.

What do you shoot?

I shoot mainly landscapes and star trail shots.
What's in your bag?

This is the gear I carry for those shoots:

1. Manfrotto MBAG80PN tripod bag. I'm waiting on a Manfrotto quick strap which stays attached to the tripod, hopefully this will replace the bag.

2. Lowepro Nova 190 shoulder bag. I've tried lots of different bags, this is the only one that works with the tripod bag on my back and is big enough to hold the Lee filter wallet.

3. Gittos rocket blower.

4. Kenko Pro 1D circular polarizer. I just got this and haven't tried it out yet. I mainly want it for removing reflections in glass, its not compatible with the Lee filters.

5. Spare AA batteries for Promote control, flash and torch.

6. Fenix LD20 flashlight.

7. Nikon IR remote.

8. Nikon SB-700 flash.

9. Flash stand.

10. Nikon D7000, MD-B11 battery grip, Nikkor 10-24. I dont bother carrying other lenses anymore, the 10-24 hardly ever comes off the camera. I love the depth it gives to a landscape image:

The D7000 does everything I need, and the battery grip comes in very handy for long exposures:

11. Lenspen.

12. 2 Axis hot shoe spirit level. I only use this when I need to level the cam for an architectural shot, normally I use the camera's built-in horizon level.

13. Microfiber cloth.

14. Promote Control. This thing is great for HDR capture. It can bracket up 49 shots with no upper limit on shutter speed.

15. Lee Big Stopper 10-stop ND filter. I don't get much use out of this; I do all my shoots during twilight.

16. Lee 0.3 hard, 0.6 soft, 0.9 hard grad ND filters, Singh Ray 0.9 reverse grad ND. The Singh Ray introduces a colour cast. I really like the way the graduation works on it but lately I've just been using the Lee filters which don't affect the colour. The grads are big enough to be used as normal ND filters.

17. Manfrotto 055xPROB, Manfrotto 410JR 3-way geared head. I wish I'd gone for the carbon fiber model. Excellent setup but very heavy. There is a neoprene pouch attached to one leg to hold the promote control.

18. Lee filter wallet.

19. Hard case for the Promote Control, it goes in the side pocket of the bag.

20. iPod Touch with The Photographer's Ephemeris app. It gives you all the information on the sun and the moon, which is very handy for planning landscapes and star trails. It also has a GPS mapping app so I can find my way back in the dark.

21. Mobile broadband & wifi for the iPod.

22. Lee filter holder and adapter ring.

23. Sandisk 16GB Extreme Pro UHS-1 cards. The Promote Control fires off brackets pretty quick so you need to clear the buffer fast if you're bracketing more than 10 frames.

24. Compass. When I'm setting up for a star trail shoot during the late afternoon I use the compass to locate the celestial pole.

For more of Lincoln's photography, check out his 500px page.

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Awesome Account
Hossam Eldin Shehata  about 1 year ago
Great post
Thanks Harry
Mohamed Khalil El Mahrsi  about 3 years ago
Just WOW!
sharpeyes44  about 3 years ago
You can buy a Heliopan E 105 Polariser which can screw on to the Lee filter holder but it will need an adapter ring from Lee. This will allow you to use the polariser as well as ND filters for long time daylight exposures. In the UK upwards of £180 for the two items.
Awesome Account
Jeff Clow  about 3 years ago
Thanks for sharing....very informative.
Damien Seidel  about 3 years ago
Nice kit Harry!
Yuri Shevchouk  about 3 years ago
This tells me I need to invest in some filters.
Awesome Account
Gage Caudell  about 3 years ago
Great post. I always like seeing what other photographers carry.

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