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Backstage with Giuseppe Circhetta

Published by Diana Tula · May 22nd 2013

"Together with my team, we decided to shoot an editorial with a fresh mood...

that would anticipate the summer. At first, we thought about a location shooting but then we ended up simplifying everything and decided to shoot at my studio (my philosophy is K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple and Stupid). 

In order to get that summer feeling we needed we decided to use leaves of different kinds to cast shadows together with a light that could reproduce the sun light: we used a single 2000W Arri light (Arri lights are usually for cinema sets). Erika, the make up artist was holding the leaves alternating with Mia, our fashion stylist. Photos will be published once they will come out in the magazine. For now you can take a look at the backstage pictures. I shot this video myself between one outfit and another." - Giuseppe Circhetta

Giuseppe Circhetta is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Italy. He got in touch with us via email and his sensual work with undeniable appeal caught our eye. If you'd like to see Giuseppe’s photographic work take a look at his 500px page, blog and website.

We think that photographers make great videographers and so we'd love to share the videos created by 500px users with you. For more videos browse the blog and let us know if you’d like to be featured. Last time we shared “Toronto Is Home”, a three minute time-lapse that shows the city from most fascinating vantage points.


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Giuseppe Ridinò  over 1 year ago
Grande,... assolutamente GRANDE!

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