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Ian Taylor

Published by Diana Tula · June 4th 2013

Ian Taylor was born to a life of travel. If we were to summarize all the countries where Ian has lived in, the order would go as follows: UK, Canada, Cambodia, Canada, and now Thailand. It was in Cambodia that Ian started to photograph. Inspired by his co-workers photojournalists and the beauty of backwater Ian bought a camera and a wide angle lens. From there it was a lot of shooting, self learning, getting feedback from fellow photographers and practice. Since, what started as a hobby became Ian’s full time occupation.

When browsing through Ian’s portfolio his kid photos caught our eye. The connection that Ian established with these kids was obvious and it was sincere. This ease of communication translated into great photos, where such elements as subject, background, setting, light and the shutter release moment are all in harmony. We hope that you’ll be just as mesmerized and inspired by Ian’s photos, enjoy!

What does Ian shoot with? To this type of kid shoots Ian takes with him a Canon 5D camera or two, and three portrait lenses: 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8 and 24-70mm. In Ian’s words “The more equipment I take, the less I shoot”.

If you’d like to add Ian Taylor to friends and follow his future uploads visit his 500px page. There you can also see the rest of his portfolio and get in touch with Ian.

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andy 126 (inactive)  7 months ago
Wonderful images...
Pengertian Pengertian
Awesome Account
Daniel Hans Peter Christensen  about 1 year ago
Love it! Very unique and interesting shots. And I agree! More gear, fewer shots. :)

Great post!

Dora Meulman  over 1 year ago
Beautiful images.
Awesome Account
Tm shahid  over 1 year ago
peace n lits....
Anastasia Dr  over 1 year ago
I like how he captures special and unusual moments, not just another cute child photograph, but something uncommon and universally human - like the photo with a praying boy.. Great!
Awesome Account
Frank McKenna  over 1 year ago
I love how original these photos are. Just the right amount of setup and then bam he captures that magic moment. Well done.
Plus Account
Clotilde Hulin  over 1 year ago
Superb portfolio!!!
Chris Thomas  over 1 year ago
Wow Ian! Good Grief... your pictures are amazing!!!
Ian Taylor  over 1 year ago
Thanks for this nice piece on my work!
Awesome Account
Paul Snow  over 1 year ago
Wonderful images
Awesome Account
Gyver Chang  over 1 year ago
Amazing shots. I'm using the same camera & lens as him, but my photos are definitely nowhere near his level of quality!
Awesome Account
Roman K  over 1 year ago
Great shots

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