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Six years ago...

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · February 18th 2010

Six years ago on this day we started 500px. At first, it was a community in Livejournal, where selected authors were allowed to post their photographs. This day, when the community — and name — "500px" was registered there were simply zero people. No one knew what it was or where will it take us. Now, six years later, we still unsure where we will be in the next six years. What we do know, is that hard work and devoted community of supporters can get you further than you may even think of. We will continue working on making 500px a better place for photographers, viewers and for our devoted community — those people are the core of our successes and they help us by guiding our vision to a better future. This year, however, will be more special than others — we are prepared to launch many new features on the site, offer photographers professional photo portfolios that can be managed without hassle, and help photographers excel by promoting and helping them sell their works and talents worldwide. It will be a breakthrough year, so bear with us, it's gonna be an awesome trip. PS: Thanks to everyone who was with us in the beginning and who joined us later on. We appreciate every single one of you and extending our thanks to you and your patience. Thank you.

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