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Announcing New 500px Photo Page

Published by Diana Tula · July 17th 2013

Hey everyone! Continuing to push the boundaries of our platform and listening to user feedback, we just launched a redesigned Photo Page. The new Photo Page offers photographers a more visually appealing way to showcase and share their work online than ever before. We have also improved the browsing aesthetic for non-photographers, so you can continue to spend hours watching beautiful photos.

Now Photo Page has full-screen viewing, larger photo size, elegant photo presentation with simple design, higher visibility of sharing buttons to market your work, and much more.

New Features

  • Focus View feature for photos, enables full-screen view with simple shortcut ‘H’ and maximizes photo browsing experience.
  • Shortcuts are located below each photo in Focus View. Click on a photo or press ‘H’ for Focus View. Press ‘M’ to maximize the photo, ‘L’ to like, and ‘F’ for favourite.
  • Arrow keys let you go back and forth between photos to mirror the ease of 500px iPad App experience on your computer screen.
  • Larger photos on Popular, Editor’s Choice, Upcoming and Fresh feeds and on your profile.
  • Photos expand in size for superior viewing on larger monitors.
  • Optimized viewing for panoramic photos, they look better than ever before.
  • Photographer information, easy sharing and like & favourite buttons are featured in the new header.
  • Comments are located below the photo as well as a visual list of the people who’ve favourited or liked the photo.
  • Want to know who was the last person to V&F your photo? Just look to the bottom right, and easily expand to see a full list.

Is your favourite feature not on the list? Let us know in the comments below what changes you’d like to see in the upcoming Photo Page releases. We’d love to hear your thoughts :)

Major Changes

The biggest change is Focus View — the ability to maximize the size of each photo for a more dramatic and enjoyable experience. Click on any photo and then use series of shortcuts to browse full-screen.

The header is simplified and now includes the photographer’s information on the top left with share and like buttons conveniently located at the top right. Underneath each photo, you’ll find details on the camera and lens, comments, the Popular feed and a visual list of the people who liked or favourited the photo.

Thanks for reading & please leave your feedback!


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Tomorrow Girls  11 months ago
New to 500px, love it but.. here is why I am here and what I am not seeing, when I visit my page from a computer or mobile device and click on a photo, and as I scroll through the photos I am not seeing the ability to "like" on Facebook or comment, yes I am seeing buy download, buy canvas and I'm seeing the camera info but I would much prefer you remove that camera info and replace with the ability to like the photo on Facebook, tweet it, etc.. and ability to comment, this is what users want, the interaction with each photo and the instant ability to share that photo, its win win, we get more visitors to our page when they "like" it and you get more visitors, heck you could event say hosted in breathtaking beauty by or something like that.. I look forward to your reply!
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india | blue  8 months ago
I would rather see the camera info - that to me is much more important than sharing on facebook. That helps me learn about how the picture was taken, lens, etc.
Sergey Shkodin  about 1 year ago
Also wanted to add that since I'm about to have an awesome profile here on 500px I'd like to be sure that the viewers that ue Chrome won't have the same problem viewing my profile and portfolio. That's important!
Sergey Shkodin  about 1 year ago
Hey everybody! I have been experiencing a huge problem for a while. In Google Chrome I can't see the photos, only thumbnails. When click the photo it doesn't show, just the page of the photo with all the stuff. If I use Internet Explorer everything works, but of course it's not a solution.. I wrote an email to support but got no response. Maybe there's a way to fix this problem? Or maybe the engineers will see my message here and correct the code or smth...
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Will McEwan  about 1 year ago
Dont see the view adds much, not something I would use.Adding a full screen zoom on a single picture would be nice. The followers and likes system I can see is useful, but easy for it to subverted. Needs to be another way to get new great pictures visible to others. There is the editors choice but perhaps some other association review body deciding what is best. I am thinking like the RPS. if you allow groups to registry on the site and provide their own pictures of distiction, or competitions it might bring other work to the forefront.
Alex Levine  about 1 year ago
When will we have the ability to replace images that we've already posted without having to delete them first? This would be a major improvement.
Ramon Mata  9 months ago
Fuad Chinook  9 months ago
Awesome Account
Brian Carey  10 months ago
Drew Morris  10 months ago
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Michael Wiejowski  11 months ago
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Will McEwan  about 1 year ago
Agreed, I like to improve on pictures, but don't really to be reposting them as fresh.
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Marc Synwoldt  about 1 year ago
Much as I consider the bigger photo display sizes as a step in the right direction, a full or original size option is sorely needed, as others have noted. And yes, I agree that the social media link buttons are too prominent and thus distracting from the image.

On top of that, I noticed that some older uploads to my profile page stubbornly refuse maximizing, when I seem to recall having uploaded all my images as full resolution JPEGs. Or haven't you rolled out the new features to all profile images yet?

Thomas Pasiek  about 1 year ago
The "like" and "favorite" buttons are very confusing! I am not sure in what state there are. The heart is red. Did I pressed it? It is now my favorite?

The same problem with "follow" on iPhone in german. The localization is wrong. And you don't know if you follow someone or not.

short conclusion:
- The usability of the buttons is horrible.
- Social link buttons are to big (to be honest, I don't want to see them at all!)
- top toolbar is to big. All screens are wide not high. So you have to position these buttons on the side to maximize the space.
- keyboard shortcut to jump in a comment field is needed

Meibi Photography  about 1 year ago
Great job! But it would be nice if there is a button to like and favorite near those list. I often see the image, read some comments, see the fav/like list on the right side, and wonder where do I press to like/fav the image. hint: it's on top and it's not obvious because it's so separated from the favorites/likes list. Multiple buttons, one on top and another little one near the list would be great. Thanks.
star stuf  about 1 year ago
That's a great idea!
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Jen Shep  about 1 year ago
What happened? I was directed to 500px in February this year by another member. When I joined it was great all of these changes and IQ is just heartbreaking. The portfolio was never finished as promised either it is always "we're working on that, we'll turn this over to our development team, etc." Guys you had the best site on the web you had the best photographers here. I dropped from Awesome to Plus and feel like you should listen to the paid members to and put 500px back the way it was. Just because you like your ideas doesn't mean we will. Look at Flickr and wait until tomorrow and see what happens with Smugmug. I'm ashamed to upload my work here now the quality is gone. Also not that it matters but I was getting several hundred views now not averaging 25, along with some of the people I follow.....sounds to me like you are falling by the wayside.
Dmitry Serbin  about 1 year ago
you're right dude, but i'm afraid the developers will not change it back =(
johnny collewijn  about 1 year ago
Once again i have to agree, 500px ruined it, turned into the ( mariska mayer look )...!!
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Ade Russell  about 1 year ago
Great work!

Here is my wish list...

1) I'd like to be able to use a keyboard shortcut to start entering a comment (also in Focus View)

2) I like focus view a lot - but if I am looking though new work of people I am following, it is of no use to me. I'd like the arrow keys to move you through which ever set of photos you are browsing - i.e following, flow, popular (with a category selected) etc etc.



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∆∂¡ Dronadev  about 1 year ago
Great !
George Vlachos  about 1 year ago
Like the direction, as the photo page is becoming simpler and the focus is more to the photo. However I still see some issues with the design:

(1) please *completely* remove the button to embed the photo, you are making it too easy for people to download images!
(2) please remove the awesome label below the picture (or a least provide a setting whether it should be hidden or shown throughout the site).
(3) the header needs to be smaller, at the moment it is too distracting with all the social buttons and other user and statistics info.
(4) I like the 'H' button effect, however it still needs a *lot* of improvements such as : (a) the social buttons on the top right are too big in my opinion! (b) it would be nice to be able to choose which would be the default view of the picture, i.e. the view with the white or the view with the black background (c) the keyboard shortcuts on the bottom are a distraction as well and when dismissed I see no way to get them back.

Looking forward to see future improvements on these points as well as all other issues mentioned in the comments.

thamihansika thamihansika  about 1 year ago
extra photo
Audrey H  about 1 year ago
@Paul Moore, totally agree with all your points, I joined 500px to develop my photography skills and be inspired by all the amazing photographers here. As someone else pointed out this site should be about photography and not social media.
Paul Moore  about 1 year ago
In connection with my previous post, it would seem to me that you - 500px - started out with good intentions but have now failed in three areas: the name '500px' no longer seems appropriate (forgive me); photos should be viewable in all sizes; and too much social networking clutter is causing distraction when the focus should be on the photo. If you want 500px to be really successful, listen to your members or pay the price of failure.
Paul Moore  about 1 year ago
When I upload a photo, I want to be able to view it in its full original size (as can be done on Flickr). Unless I'm missing something, it would seem that this is not possible on 500px. The size of the photo appears to be limited to the size of the monitor. This is not good. Like many photographers, I'm fed up with Flickr (and Yahoo) and I want to transfer my photos to 500px. I will not do this, however, until I can view my photos (and other people's photos) in their original sizes. I currently have only two photos uploaded and one of them is a 4-image panorama. Unfortunately, because the size is restricted, the panorama cannot be viewed in its full glory (for want of a better world). Flickr allows photos to be viewed in several sizes right up to the original size. As much as I dislike the new Flickr, until 500px can enable all sizes, I will not make the transfer.

I also think that the blue, red and orange buttons are far too big and far too distracting. The photo should be the focus of attention, not the social networking links.

Listen to your members. Flickr wouldn't listen and now it's losing thousands of members and will probably fold.

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Marc Bodmer  about 1 year ago
Hi Paul, I have made notes from your suggestions and will bring it up with the development team. Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback.
Awesome Account
MG Grischke  about 1 year ago
New design functions are in principle OK, including all the shortcuts
- Too big black Top Barwith all the distracting colors of all the "community buttons"
- 500px is about photography and not about social media networks.
- These colors kill the best photo view experience, what you like to have if you take a detailed view on a wonderful photo
- those buttons should be down to the button of the page, were you arranged all the photo details already nicely
Paul Moore  about 1 year ago
I totally agree.
star stuf  about 1 year ago
Excellent points! I agree completely! Especially...

"- 500px is about photography and not about social media networks."

That's what Flickr is trying to do.

Dmitry Serbin  about 1 year ago
Seriously, guys! The new design is not a problem, the real issue is a photo compression/resize function. It's just TERRIBLE! I won't upload anything until you fix it. I don't want to see my images with huge artefacts and I'm against uploading 3000px images.

You're losing your users!

Awesome Account
Marc Bodmer  about 1 year ago
Hi Dmitry, The development team is currently discussing some better ways to handle photo compression/resizing for better quality photos in multiple situations. Expect some solutions in the near future.
Rob Timmers  about 1 year ago
I'd like to add to my earlier comment that I think the new design is less intuitive for people new to 500px. The black bar is, although orderly arranged, overcrowded with buttons. In the old design the title wasn't in an eye catching place, now it's lost completely. I'm afraid the average visitor isn't going to read any of what is in the black bar. That big thing is there to scroll away from.

In the case of my photo's, titles are the names of people appearing in the photograph. I now hesitate to send them to 500px to take a look, they'll find their picture, but I think they won't get a clue about why it's there.

It really looks like that for the new design the only goal was bigger pictures, and maybe handheld devices were in mind, but nobody thought of an intuitive streamlined user experience. The 'like' button comes before the photo! And then most of us scroll. Just not your designer, who used a 27" monitor.

Again, monitors are widescreen these days, vertical page layouts may be good for phones to a certain extend, or for a 'texty' blog someone really wants to read, but in my opinion you proved it's not good for 500px at all.

Plus Account
Eva Krejci  about 1 year ago
Unfortunately I have to agree with Audrey Hayde about the spacing...:-(
Audrey H  about 1 year ago
Really dislike this new format, am all for change but if its not broken don't fix it! Black heading is far too big
and distracting as it takes your eye away from the photo,instead you are drawn to all the clutter on the page.
Have no interest in pictures of likes and faves and comments are too spaced out and big,Also have to scroll
left and right to see each page. I won't be renewing my awesome account next month. Its a great shame as this was a such a fantastic site
Plus Account
Seria genial que el boton de asignar los likes y los favoritos estuviese justo a la derecha de la caja en la que haces el comentario, creo que sería mucho mas comodo.
Enhorabuena por el trabajo que estais haciendo.
Awesome Account
Ricardo Vazquez  about 1 year ago
Gracias por su sugerencia, Escalonilla. Espero que este disfrutando los cambios que hemos hecho en 500px. Voy a hablar con el equipo de diseńo acerca de sus comentarios.
Rob Timmers  about 1 year ago
Hellooo, we use widescreen displays. You should have used the width.

The new look consists of changes for the sake of changing things. It didn't get better. Or maybe it got a little better on handheld devices.

Everything in the black bar on top, you know the one you scroll away from to see the photo and read comments, you never find back.

(A little thingy: rounded corners of the user thumbnail are now square, while everything else in the black bar has rounded corners. That shows how stupid it is to change things for nothing more than to change things.)

Didn't you guys get that most of us have displays that are (significantly) wider than their height? And that this particular characteristic makes it not such a good idea to place important elements in a vertical page layout? The width of the page was used better in the previous layout of 500px.

The old design made elastic (photo's growing with monitor size) would have been the way to go for me.

Anton Reshetov  about 1 year ago
why now upload photos look very compressed quality!?
Awesome Account
Marc Bodmer  about 1 year ago
Hi guys, The development team is discussing some solutions to these problems.
Corwin Black  about 1 year ago
Cause they are. Its around 10-20% of quality. Pretty much like Facebook.

For example this -

Has resolution of 1080x720 pix and 185kb. :) Thats a joke, it wouldnt look perfect even with double of it. Somewhere around 600kb would be "ok-ish". And shame really, cause there is obviously a lot of fine details and tonal gradations, which are just ruined by 500px.

Gopal Kunda  about 1 year ago
Nice upgrade .... looks good
Gianfranco Marzetti  about 1 year ago
Very interesting
Reginaldo Levinski Da Silva  about 1 year ago
Layout perfeito
Tan Truong  about 1 year ago
Wonderful photo !!!
Plus Account
Lo primero enhorabuena por los cambios, soir la mejor red social para fotografos.
Seria genial poder crear carpetas o sets para organizar las fotografias marcadas como favoritas.
Momen Kanech  about 1 year ago
Momen Kanech  about 1 year ago
Reem Mansour  about 1 year ago
Great ^_^
Imanol Zubiaurre  about 1 year ago
For me, I expected that good comments should have it's affect in the affection or weight of an user.

I explain it better: 99% of the comments are like "nice!", "fantastic landscape", "Wonderful picture!", "fantastic shot !!!"... and people who does real comments should be rewarded. I know that there's an option to "like" a comment, but beyond this, it hasn't have any further effect.

Corwin Black  about 1 year ago
Yep, sometimes I doubt people actually looked at that photo.. They just copy+paste "Amazing!!!".
remove50 (inactive)  about 1 year ago
thanks for the changes, very much welcomed.
I think they show a good pursuit of clean design,
which could be furthered with these (optional?) suggestions:

1. I do not care to have my EXIF data displayed.
the one option is to have then not exported to JPG,
but they can be useful in other matters... and for 500px to know it!
however, it is info that is not necessary:
the curious can click something somewhere.
a "hide EXIF" button on the edit page would be nice.

2. anyway to not display "awesome" with my avatar?
I do not care to display my status...
and it is a feel of being amateurish/hokey.
in social-photo networks, this may be much cherished,
but not all people like to be "branded."

3. with the internets-dominant vapid comments,
such as of "great capture" + "look at my photos",
being the greatest nuisance on here:
what happened to the "delete comment" option?

Awesome Account
Marc Bodmer  about 1 year ago
Hi Kodiak,

Thanks for your suggestions. I will evaluate them. As for your question about the 'Delete comment' option, You can delete your own comments by hovering over the '...' beside the 'Like' icon underneath the comment. If you don't want to see other peoples comment, you can 'Flag' them. This 'Flag' icon will appear in the same place as the 'Delete' icon.

remove50 (inactive)  about 1 year ago
just wanted to add:
an option to disable comments is also welcomed,
or perhaps enable them from those that I follow.
Jörg E. Lingnau  about 1 year ago
O-Ton 500px:
"I will look into the problem for you. It's best to upload photos at 3000px or larger, and at 180ppi or more. This will ensure great quality on 500px and all of our apps. The new photo page supports up to 2048px resolution and we downsize larger images to 2048px to make it fit on the page. "

In other words: images which were uploaded in high(er) resolution can be downloaded at 2048px on the largest side which is a No Go for me and reduces at least selling via download to absurdity.

"Currently you cannot replace photos but you can re-upload the same image."

Ah ja - since I want other people to be able to download my images in 900px only, I should start over again?
Well some people might not care, but I would have expected that you are telling your customers about such important changes before you apply them.

Corwin Black  about 1 year ago
I dont recommand uploading in 900px, cause your pic will then have at best over 100kb. :D And it will be horribly compressed.

Obviously your 2048px will be horribly compressed too, just when it will be slightly downsized, it will be less visible. At least to those which are blind..

Ariel Porath  about 1 year ago
please add the option to disable the part when you can see who liked and favorited my picture
i dont like people seeing what i liked and i sure dont like that people can see who liked my pictures
thank you and i hope you will add this very soon cause it very disturbing me
Awesome Account
Arseniy Ivanov  about 1 year ago
That would be because you seem to have created yourself multiple accounts to vote for your photos, correct?
Raghavendra Kumar Pande  about 1 year ago
I like the redesigned Photo Page very much. Now I instantly know the people who have favored or have liked my work. I now do not have to open several pages to see all the comments on my work. I just have to see it all in one go. Whoever in 500px is responsible for all this improvement is entitled to our salute and best wishes. Kindly do give our ( all photo lovers ) best wishes & regards. May god bless you all. You have done great service to the lovers of the art of Photography. Keep it up.
Lieve Maréchal  about 1 year ago
Respect for all your work but I liked it better before the chance. Now a lot of small things are not working.
for exemple :
- I can not go the the next page(s) of comments!!!
- I mentioned the date by my last picture - but it says : Uploaded : almost NaN years ago Taken : undefined NaN
- My first (and last) upload, since the change, doesn't appear on my facebook page. Before they did
Lieve Maréchal  about 1 year ago
Hi Ricardo, thank you for you answer. scrolling down doesn't work (nor clicking on 'page down'). Maybe it's my PC?
Awesome Account
Ricardo Vazquez  about 1 year ago
Hi Lieve! Comments load as you keep scrolling down, we call it infinite scroll. We eliminated paginated comments so you wouldn't have to keep clicking to see helpful comments made on the photograph. We will certainly take a look at the date bug you are experiencing. If you could send us more detailed information from our Support page, we would definitely appreciate it :)
Plus Account
Matt H  about 1 year ago
I tap the m and it goes to 'maximum size' yet only for aroudn 3-4 seconds then back down to regular size-

Also- the new layout before entering the photo page where you can maxiize- the layout ow means you have to croll down to see your thumbnail preview panel (where you cna scroll through your 'next' and 'previous' photos) and then have to scroll back up to see the photo, then scroll back down to see the thumbnails again when looking for specific photos- I know you can simpyl scroll through hte photos one by one by hittign hte arrow keys on keyboard but you can't scroll through a lsit to find the photos you want- plus now you hjave to scroll down a bit on every photo you open as part is cut off by bottom of window- plus now you have to scroll down to see what the camera settigns were whereas before all these things were right there when you opened a photo and you didn't have to do all the scrolling- seems like it's becoming more work to view and sort htrough hte photos instead of easier/better- also

Andrew Obenreder  about 1 year ago
I really enjoy the new layout in terms on functionality, however, the website template is not so great. I love the minimal but it's not a good minimal, or at least yet. Maybe a white and grey/black header instead of grey. Personally, the dark header immediately draws you to it instead of the photos. I definitely liked the previous 500px template much more. The new photo viewing is awesome, keep it. I also strongly dislike the placement of the social icons and I feel like they should be under the image, not above it. You should also make the site responsive as so many people view the site from phones, tablets, etc. Continue the great work guys!
Herbert Stachelberger  about 1 year ago
Looks good!
Plus Account
David Rodriguez  about 1 year ago
I liket these changes.
I wonder if the background could be grey instead of white. White is not good for high key images :)
My second request : i'd like to have a diary or a time line menu where i can have a global view. Just like the notifications menu on the app.
Thank you very much.
Plus Account
David Rodriguez  about 1 year ago
Awesome Account
Ricardo Vazquez  about 1 year ago
Hi David,

We built Focus view specifically for this reason. Just hit 'H' on your keyboard and enjoy a photo on a dark background with minimal colour around it. Regarding notifications, we are looking to implement them in the near future :)

Luis González  about 1 year ago
It's a good change. Now our photos look better.
Jure Batagelj  about 1 year ago
It would be better to improve security of the photos. They can be easily downloaded. And they are stored after you delete them, for months.
Rosi Lorz  about 1 year ago
great and perfect!!
Art Lupinacci  about 1 year ago
On the whole, I like it. It is a clean layout and well designed. I think this is an excellent evolution.
Anisha Kaul  about 1 year ago
My affection is 329 and likes are 309. What do these "different" figures indicate?
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  about 1 year ago
Hey Anisha!

Affection — total of Likes. Keep in mind that Likes from users who are not signed in are not counted towards your Affection, but are counted towards your total Likes, so the numbers may not match.

Thomas Klose  about 1 year ago
Is there a possibility to update the photos without losing likes and comments? Because the old sizes don't fit to the new layout.
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  about 1 year ago
Currently you cannot replace photos but you can re-upload the same image. You could also email our & possibly get a better solution fro your needs from our support team :)
Awesome Account
Andro Loria  about 1 year ago
disappointing... making photos bigger is nice but the whole thing looks like a cheap mobile phone app now. huge black bar on the top is awful. tabs look like a crappy windows 8 outlay ... previous design was one of the biggest reasons of me joining this site. not sure will stay now. would of being better to run betta version first and get feedback before going full scale...
Plus Account
Fabio Zaveti  about 1 year ago
This is great, I love the focus view. Maybe pictures could be big only in the focus view rather than always huge, and the white basic view could stay small? or maybe you could add a "minimize" button, and let people set it in the preferences. Also when I go full screen and click the next image button, or use the cursor button on the keyboard, it goes out of full screen.

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