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Rorschach Tests

Published by Diana Tula · August 9th 2013

Inspiration is a mysterious creature and it can come when you least expect it. Esther Lobo got an idea to create these re-envisioned Rorschach Tests when working on another photograph. In her words...

Rorschach Food series is a private and personal project. The idea for these photos came to me while I was working on another image using ink. Then I started thinking of the Rorschach Tests and thought about doing something similar using food instead of ink.

The stains were made completely manually with my own hands and without post-processing tricks. I used soft plastic plates (Foamy). Then I dropped foods such as mustard, squid ink or soya over the plates. After bending the plates I obtained the symmetric stains. Finally I have placed the source of the stain over the symmetrical image, and so documented the psychological portrait of each food stuff.

Thanks to Esther Lobo for sharing! Try creating these fun images at home. Grab some smear-able food and splash it away. Share your results with us in the comments below and make sure to tell us what you see in these tests. Butterflies, abstract art or delicious melted ice-cream?

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andy 126 (inactive)  7 months ago
Me encantó este trabajo. Enhorabuena para la autora.
Leo Viera  about 1 year ago
Me encantó este trabajo. Enhorabuena para la autora.
Nawaf Abdulkarim  about 1 year ago
amazing abstract
Nawaf Abdulkarim  about 1 year ago
Szentgyörgyi János  about 1 year ago
nice Rorschach shots!
my Rorschach-cloud test :)

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