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Gone digital

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · February 24th 2010

It's been a while since we last have printed a real document. Our work is all digital. Even more, it's not digital per se, it's gone online, and I think we are not turning back.

Think about it: thousands of corporations and small businesses still work with real documents, they type, print, revise, print again, send the papers, and write the reports (and, rest assured, print them too). All for just one reason: keep the work going.

What we have done, happened by chance — we've gone online, instead of typing-printing-sharing process.

Of course, thousands of people use BaseCamp, and SVN/GIT — we use Redmine. But to serve our purposes, we share and type documents in Google Docs, or talk via Google Wave (it works pretty well when you want to expand a conversation to more parties). We even order our pizza online at Pizza Pizza and keep our favorite recipes on file!

The outcome is that we don't even use electronic documents on our computers — it's all online. Of course, such scope maybe quite frightening to some, but for our small group it serves its purpose — we eliminate the clutter and try to focus on getting things done. We are constantly looking for new ways to effectively manage information — so whatever it might be, new Facebook or Google Buzz, we'll be the first to try it — you never know where the latest push towards greater productivity will come from.

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