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Weekly Monday Contest

Published by Diana Tula · October 21st 2013

Want to get featured on our blog? Every Monday a theme is announced and you have until Sunday to submit your entry. You may already have a photo that suits or you can see it as a weekly photo challenge. Continue reading to discover new announced theme, deadline and how to enter.


Last week we announced Hourglass theme and have received over 300 entries. We have chosen twelve from all the contestants to share with you today. These are gallery thumbnails and you can click on each for a full size photo. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below :)

New theme: Bird’s Eye View

1. Select photo that fits this theme. Upload image to your 500px profile or pick an existing photo.
2. Add a tag "bird500px".
3. You are done. To track all entries click here.

Theme is open to your interpretation and creativity, so get snapping and tagging. Deadline is October 27th at 12PM (EST). To make your efforts worthwhile there’s a random draw giveaway for all who enter for a chance to win 2 months Awesome membership. Lucky draw winner is Daniel Ipar.

Good luck this week!


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Mark Dunton  about 1 month ago
'Hourglass' for the motion in the sand
Rajeev Moudgil  11 months ago
Time by Niko Vass is the most powerful shot among the twelve shots. Its simple, effective and reminds you of the time.
Harold Metz  11 months ago
"Untitled" by Carlos Bartol
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marielle3  11 months ago
My vote is for *** (Nataly Golubeva)
FuYi Chen  11 months ago
My vote is for "Hourglass."
Noriko Hessmann  11 months ago
I vote for "Time" by Niko Vass.
MariaChiara Piglione  11 months ago
Hourglass by Tetyana Kovyrina
Rob Clark  11 months ago
My vote is for "Hourglass" by Tetyana Kovyrina
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Samantha Durfee  11 months ago
I like Coffee glass by Adem Ozsoz
Chilehead Craig  11 months ago
I wondered who would be able to get a nice one without using an actual hour glass... kudos to "coffee glass" although I'd call it "coffee time"!

Looks like most people think "birds eye view" means a picture of a bird... its gonna be a challenge to weed out all the nice images of birds that don't even meet the purpose of the theme this week.

Shantam Das  11 months ago
"Time goes by" by Giovanni Camusso
my choice
Alicia Barnett  11 months ago
'Time' by Niko Vass should win this competition.
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Anna Karastreet  11 months ago
My choice is Everybody love hugs by Max Ammosov
Nicky *  11 months ago
Time goes by - Giovanni Camusso
KaWa Kshgr  11 months ago
Time goes by - Giovanni Camusso
Estelle Lasémillante  11 months ago
Time goes by - Giovanni Camusso
Giovanni Camusso  11 months ago
Time goes by :)
Roland Grauls  11 months ago
The sands of life are running out
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Reid Adair  11 months ago
My vote is for "Time."
Víctor Pérez  11 months ago
I like very much "Untitled" by Carlos Bartol.
Víctor Pérez  11 months ago
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Serey Kim  11 months ago
I definitely like "Time" by LiliumEternal. Unique and love the photo manipulations technique.
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Wijnand Loven  11 months ago
Thanks very much for featuring my 'Sands of life are running out'-image!

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