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Meet Liat Aharoni

Published by Diana Tula · October 22nd 2013

Over a year ago Liat picked up a DSLR camera for the first time, which is impossible to guess from looking at her photos. Liat Aharoni’s work is bewitching, exploring darkness, sabbath and new photo techniques. Today we’d like to share with you the story of how Liat got started in photography, accompanied by her beautiful images. Please enjoy.

I’ve always felt artistically inclined more than anything else — visual and creative outlets have always felt the most natural to me. Growing up, I typically had a camera in hand to record my life and the lives of those around me. I never pursued to deepen my knowledge of photography, it was simply a way for me to capture and remember moments. In high school I felt that I had to drop all of my creative classes to focus on math and business. I lacked any creative outlets well into university.

April 2012 was a pivotal time for me – I was a fourth year political science student and felt disengaged from my studies. As a form of procrastination I would read about surreal art, which exposed me to a whole other world of possibilities. I felt inspired to create again and chose photography as my expressive medium. A year and a half has gone by, I've graduated from school and am building my fine art photography career. I feel blessed to honour and nurture my passion for art. Having found that my personal history has largely echoed those of others, I appreciate that 500px has created a platform for artists like myself to share in our often mutual experiences :) 

Thanks to Liat for sharing her story and thank you for reading! Liat Aharoni is a self-taught photographer from Toronto, Canada. To get in touch with Liat, view her full portfolio and to subscribe to future updates please visit her 500px page.

Our blog is a place to promote 500px photographers, of all backgrounds and talents. If you’d like to get your work out there get in touch, email blog@500px.com.


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Janus Capili  9 months ago
Very artistic and elegant!
Awesome Account
Chris Robins  9 months ago
keep it up!
Awesome Account
Donald E. Curtis  9 months ago
This beautiful.
Karin Don  9 months ago
Fascinating story and fabulous work , I like your style a lot , kind greetings Karin
kombizz kashani  9 months ago
Awesome Account
SYMPL IMAGES  9 months ago
Wonderfully creative work. Congratulations !
Guillermina Tracchia  9 months ago
I really like this! very eloquent and bold!
Carlos Borja  9 months ago
u r very inspiring, I hope I can do the same as you!
Plus Account
marielle3  9 months ago
What an amazing talent you have! I love your dramatic yet very elegant images.
Awesome Account
Mirko Colasante  9 months ago
great awesome work! my compliments
FuYi Chen  9 months ago
Awesome work!
Antonio Romano Lixia  9 months ago
Estasiato, fotografie bellissime.
Günter Resperger  9 months ago
Sehr schöne Aufnahmen!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Turovsky  9 months ago
Good work!
Young Sup Jung  9 months ago
wow!! very impressive
Awesome Account
Christoph Puppe  9 months ago
Wow ...
LECOCQ Matthieu  9 months ago
magnifique tableau !
Manas Ranjan Sahoo  9 months ago
Superb Work
Shayaan Ahmad Noori  9 months ago
If you have passion for something and never to say die attitude, you could be next Liat, or may be anything you want.
vaithilingham rajasingham  9 months ago
It has lot of stories to tell. Sorry, no time. Because it will take days and days. Excellent.
Ilan Porat  9 months ago
TOmanby TOmanby  9 months ago
wow wow..1000.000 like
Pablo Lastra  9 months ago
Genial, me agrada mucho saber que existen fotógrafos autodidactas exitosos, es muy alentador. :)
TOmanby TOmanby  9 months ago
so so beautiful..wonderful..I like it
Gerhard Michael  9 months ago
Plus Account
Dubi Czyzyk  9 months ago
Great Photographer, lovely work, very professional
Nilgün Karadeniz  9 months ago
nasıl yaaaaaa 1 yılda bu nasıl gelişme ?
Andy Hellinx  9 months ago
Not so impressive...

I am kidding off course! It's just I don't want to admit I am jealous!
Amazing work!

Отлично! Молодец!!
Robert Mirabelle  9 months ago
Been watching Liat for a while - what a talent - congrats on the story!
Awesome Account
Igor G  9 months ago
Keep it up !
Thomas Dalosis  9 months ago
Nice work...congrats!!!!!
Adeeb Alani  9 months ago
Beautiful acts Photos story
Well done
Cecil Whitt  9 months ago
Very nice unique work and story...all the best, C.
Plus Account
Лиат, отличный фотограф, молодец!
Awesome Account
Jorge Coromina  9 months ago
Good for Liat. Nice story and excellent work!

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