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500px Birthday Prizes! Fujifilm X100S Camera Winners

Published by Diana Tula · December 2nd 2013

Contest Recap

500px just turned 4 years old on October 31st and to celebrate we wanted to thank you with the most coveted camera of the year — FujiFilm X100S. We were giving away four cameras, one for each year of your love and support. To enter we asked you to submit your creative photo interpretations of the 500px logo.

The contest was a phenomenal success! We are overjoyed with the number and talent of photos submitted and would like to thank everyone for your hard work and beautiful entries. You can see all the entries here.


Congratulations to The Photo Fiend, Eduard Panichev, Aleksandar Gospic and Anand Fernando! To claim your prize email your shipping address to


Gifting doesn't end here! We are yet to announce the social media winners and our special prizes to the runner up winners of the 500px Birthday Photo Contest (we loved your entries so much we just have to keep on giving!).

Come back next week for more prize announcements :)

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Ismael Embid  10 months ago
totally agree I have also lost some
Aleksei Velizhanin  10 months ago
Great images. But I can see the 500px logo only on the second (house with lightened windows) and on the 4-th (long exposure) images. From my opinion the whole point was just to creatively show the logo not just a part of it or not a logo at all. : S
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The Photo Fiend  10 months ago
Thanks for the compliments and big thanks to 500px for creating such a wonderful site. Aleksei, the logo is featured 8 times in my image. Happy shooting!
Zack Spencer  10 months ago
First of all.... Congrats for all contestants !!!!
Although I enjoyed the pictures on birthday contest very much, you got the point, Alekesei.
There were two different articles on the blog which explained the birthday contest rules as follows,
"Take a photo that interprets 500px logo in a creative & clever way"
*** Photos will be judged on creativity and photo techniques.
*** Photos will be judged on originality and inventiveness.
Well....... from the start, the rules for the contest were not very clear and confusing.
It seemed that many contestants understood the rules in different way. Cheers !
Stuart Freeman  10 months ago
I think 3 have met the brief very well, but on the other one.....? I have been trying to work out if I was just missing something.
Miguel Moreno Dobato  10 months ago
i'm agree with you
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The Photo Fiend  10 months ago
Thanks 500px! Happy Birthday! ♥
Anand Fernando  10 months ago
Thanks :)
Seoirse Brennan  10 months ago
Well done to everyone so far... and congrats to 500px on giving such a cool contest and MORE prizes. :D
My fingers are crossed.
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Mark DeCamp  10 months ago
Congrats to the winners. There was a lot of significant entries in the contest showing a lot of love for the craft and the channel that 500 provides to us. Great contest.
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Marc Steen  10 months ago
Congratulations to the winners, its the most fun camera I have ever owned.
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Mark Shannon  10 months ago
Awesome selections. Congrats to the winners. Clearly a lot of hard work went into your submissions!
Tamal Dey  10 months ago
Very Nice ... Congo to the winners ....
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Aleksandar Gospić  10 months ago
Thank you very much 500px! Thanks everyone! :)
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Aleksandar Gospić  10 months ago
Thans very much Alejandro! :)

Yours too Eduard! :))

Eduard Panichev  10 months ago
Nice work bro! :P :D
Alejandro Gigoux Müller  10 months ago
Aleksandar congrats!!, definitely your pic was one of the ones I thought might win. Great idea and execution!
Eduard Panichev  10 months ago
WOW WOW WOW WOW!! Lots of feelings! I'm shocked! Thank You 500px! I will present more and more great pictures!!!
ahmad hadidoun  10 months ago
great work indeed.
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Alberto Suarez Nuez  10 months ago
Congratulations to the winners! and to all the participants, it has been very interesting to see so many good ideas! and also very exciting to participate... Great way to celebrate with us 500px! Congratulations again!!
Eduard Panichev  10 months ago
Plus Account
Harpal Padwal  10 months ago
Congrats! Have fun with a great camera!
Avin Abraham  10 months ago
congrats to the winners!!!
Tobias Zils  10 months ago
Great photos. Congratulations!
Juan C. García  10 months ago
Fantastic, congrats!
ahmad hadidoun  10 months ago
Awesome Account
Kerry Garvey  10 months ago
congrats to the winners very festive images!

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