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It's here—the NEW 500px iPad App!

Published by Jen Tse · October 18th 2011

Caught up as we were in the madness that was the Exposure Photo and Digital Imaging Expo this weekend, we've been a bit delayed in this major announcement on the blog. Nevertheless, ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here: the official 500px iPad app. Download it from the Apple app store for free.

What makes our app different from anything else out there? It combines the best photography on the web with the fast, beautiful, and intuitive performance of the world's best tablet. The result, both in our opinion and in that of many others, is the best photo-browsing experience in the world.

It's easy for anyone to use: just tap, swipe, shrink, and expand to switch between curated pages or view thumbnail and larger photos on the brilliant iPad display. In addition to offering almost all the community functionality of the site—liking, faving, commenting, and so forth—the app allows you to create impressive slideshows (with music!) of photos you love. With the tap of a screen, you can also share photos to your different social networks.

We spend hours just looking at photos on this thing and we're absolutely in love with it, but perhaps you can't just take our word for it. Consider this: the app, which was released on October 15, has already become the #1 free photo app for iPad in Russia and the Netherlands, #2 in Canada, and #3 in the United States. Users are already flipping through 1 million photos per day.

The app has also made big waves in the media lately. Check out articles about it on GigaOM, TechCrunch, Lifehacker, PetaPixel, and Techvibes.

500px and the iPad are a photography marriage sent from the tech gods, but more specifically, an incredible developer/designer team of two. A virtual standing ovation goes out to Ash Furrow and Adam Shutsa, the two hardworking and talented people behind the app's creation. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that the project you've worked so hard on is being well-received, so if you'd like, drop them a note on their Google+ accounts to let them know how much you love the 500px app. I'm sure they'll appreciate it!

This is, of course, the first version of the 500px app. That means that some features have not yet been developed (we're talking about account creation, offline browsing, direct uploads from iPad, and lots of other goodies). Other features from the 500px website have specifically been excluded simply to optimize the experience for iPad. By no means is this app the final copy, so please be patient and stay tuned for even more improvements and features as time goes on.

Don't have an iPad? It's okay (I don't have one either, although I'm tempted to buy one now)—we've got iPhone and Android versions of the app on our to-do list.

Happy browsing, everyone!

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Raul  almost 3 years ago
Are you planning to add the "Portfolio View" ? That will make the app complete!
Matt Mitchell  almost 3 years ago
Android on the todo list! what the hell are you waiting for!
Jabari Hunt  almost 3 years ago
Can't wait for an Android version!
pravin gandhi  almost 3 years ago
need to access my portfolio in iPad please. also, please address why portfolio does not "re-size" automatically when viewing on iPad screen. always cutting off pics...thanks.
Neil Bryars  almost 3 years ago
Love it.
Can you please include 'Activity' in the next update? And for the slideshow, can you make it repeat/circular?
Fabs Forns  almost 3 years ago
The app is really fantastic, especially it lacks the infamous DISLIKE!!!!!
Thanks for that :)
Stephen Haley  almost 3 years ago
Looks great, lets hope the android gets a full featured version
Awesome Account
Cashman  almost 3 years ago
oh, get rid of the pointless and annoying intro screen too
Awesome Account
Cashman  almost 3 years ago
i really miss categories too. i wont really use the app if that functionality is not there.
Kelly & Robert Walters  almost 3 years ago
Love the app. Question for future updates - Will we be able to Follow people in the future? Every time I vote and comment, I like to Follow as well.

Thanks and great job!

Drew Medlin  almost 3 years ago
Very well done.
Jason Vinson  almost 3 years ago
any chance of an Android version soon??? :)
Francesco Pessolano  almost 3 years ago
I love it .... but I would really like if I could also add somebody to my friend list and browse their photos as well!
Mark Houston  almost 3 years ago
Loving the app...well done guys..One question, is there a chance the next update will allow for member to upload our photos?
Benoît Felten  almost 3 years ago
It's a very solid app. There are a couple of design choices I don't understand (like why the dislike button wasn't ported) and I really really miss categories, but in terms of viewing comfort, I have to admit it's darn good. Here's a more detailed review I posted on the 500px blog:
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christian weitzel  almost 3 years ago
... hope that an Android-Version will be available very soon - good luck.
Fernando De Oliveira  almost 3 years ago
Wonderful job guys!
Danny Ta  almost 3 years ago
I had to borrow an iPad from work to try this out. I'm very impressed :) I'm now awaiting the iPad 3 and until then, getting off my butt and shooting again!!
R Brong  almost 3 years ago
Love the app. I can forsee me spending lots of time in it!!!! Suggestion: need ability to click thru a pic and see submitters other photos.
Chris Matthes  almost 3 years ago
Awesome Account
Legion Kreativ  almost 3 years ago
Loving it so far..the only thing I would add would be the abilty to filter by category...
Sam Dickinson  almost 3 years ago
Awesome app, I've already wasted hours in it. Adding the ability to save to the Camera Roll and viewing of blog entries, and the app would be perfect.
Awesome Account
Daniela Duncan  almost 3 years ago
Congrats to Furrow and Shutsa - Bravo, guys! Great that there will be iPhone and Android official apps in the future :)
Fabio D  almost 3 years ago
Fantastic app but I need direct uploads from iPad!!
Awesome Account
Jonathan Eger  almost 3 years ago
Love it!
Peter Crock  almost 3 years ago
Terrific job you guys! This app has the perfect combination of looks and functionality. I guess my only suggestion would be to create an option of switching to a light theme if possible, but the black theme is great anyways.
Tommy C.  almost 3 years ago
Honestly... This is the best photo viewer app for the iPad. It's clean, fast, and our pictures look beautiful on it. Amazing job for your first release!
Plus Account
Jerry Phenney  almost 3 years ago
Glad to hear you are working on an android app. Hope it works on a Motorola Xoom
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india | blue  almost 3 years ago
Kudos to all involved...!

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