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500px's second birthday! + New iPad app features

Published by Jen Tse · November 3rd 2011

21 by Laura Sch (LauraSch)) on
21 by Laura Sch

These days, we're feeling a little older, but much wiser—500px celebrated its second birthday this past Halloween. How time flies!

The initial idea for 500px grew from a small but engaged Livejournal community started in 2003. Back then, a width of 500 pixels was the optimal viewing size for photos. There weren't many resources out there at the time for finding great photography, so the community quickly became a haven for hundreds of photographers to see quality images, be inspired, create some of their own, and meet like-minded individuals along the way.

Every day, these photographers would upload their very best shots to a small, trusted team of editors. These editors would spend hours of their own free time curating amazing photos for display, always with the highest standards in mind. The community blossomed, and its co-founders knew they had to take 500px a step further than a Livejournal community.

With time, effort, a sense of what fellow photographers wanted, and many visits to the drawing board, 500px's current website was launched on Oct. 31, 2009. Since leaving the curation of great photos in the hands of the entire community, the quality of photos on the site and the enthusiasm of its photographers has only increased—a testament to the true love for photography that drives the site, and the high standards 500px users have set for themselves and their peers. Now the community of choice for many of the world's best images and image-makers, 500px continues to grow and get even better.

We'd like to thank all our users for being a part of this amazing ride. Where will we be when we turn 3 years old? Only time will tell.


New iPad App Features

The newest version of the 500px iPad app has been released, and we've made some great updates:

  • New users can now sign up for 500px via the app
  • Photo descriptions and EXIF data are available
  • Search function is active
  • By touching and holding any curated page (eg: Popular, Editors, Upcoming), photos can be viewed by genre

Don't have the app yet? Download it for free and browse to your heart's content.

Warning: You may plan to sit down with the app for five minutes but end up spending us, we know.

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Awesome Account
Diana Tula  over 2 years ago
Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333
Bjorn Claes  over 2 years ago
I think the ipad app is awesome. Unfortunately it doesn't post any of my actions (comments) on my activity wall... That would be the one missing thing for me. :)
G. Matthias Schüler  over 2 years ago
Congratulations on your birthday thanks for this platform!
Robby Politi  over 2 years ago
Happy birthday
Awesome Account
Mim Eisenberg  over 2 years ago
If there's no Dislike button on the iPad app, why don't you discontinue it here?
Irene Mei  over 2 years ago
Have a very Happy Birthday, 500px!
Awesome Account
Carlos D. Ramirez  over 2 years ago
Super Happy B-Day, all the best!!!
Congrats on such an amazing work! Sincere compliments to the team!
Ian McConnell  over 2 years ago
Like the fact that there is no dislike button on the iPad app.
Awesome Account
Kent Shiraishi  over 2 years ago
Wow! Happy Birthday!
JC Vogt  over 2 years ago
Happy Birthday!!
Nick Nieto  over 2 years ago
You do know. Having you been watching me!!! I lose do much time with the app it's fantastic!
Awesome Account
Sanjin Jukic  over 2 years ago
Happy Birthday 500px!!!!!!
michael mueller photography  over 2 years ago
Happy birthday! Please rock on ... you're great!
swwanna  over 2 years ago
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS !!!!!!!!!! ......BRAVO POR TODOS !!!!!!!
Awesome Account
Andreas Koeberl  over 2 years ago
Happy Birthday, but when you're done playing with you're iPads, you could start fixing the store and improving the portfolios!
Robin Dahling  over 2 years ago
Yay, happy birtday!
Edward Agyeman  over 2 years ago
Happy Birthday 500px! Simply the best photo site/photo discovery app ever built. Bravo!
OmbaQs Ahmad Khalil Mustafar  over 2 years ago
epy best day 500px :D~
Joni Song  over 2 years ago
happy bday!
Awesome Account
Travis Peltz  over 2 years ago
Happy birthday to the best photo site on the internet. :)
Scott Wyden Kivowitz  over 2 years ago
Happy Birthday 500px!

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