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Join us for Pixel Hack Day

Published by Jen Tse · November 7th 2011

Developers and designers with a passion for inspiring visuals, now's your time to shine—and possibly take home a great prize.

Join us for Pixel Hack Day in Toronto, a weekend-long contest to code and design apps based on open APIs, proudly organized by 500px in collaboration with Venture Deli. The event will be the largest photo-inspired hackathon in Canada and will take place Nov. 19-20 at ING DIRECT Cafe on Yonge Street between Dundas and Queen Streets (click for more info).

Not only do we want to celebrate the greatest talents in design, photography, programming, and product management by pitting them against each other under one roof, but we also want to encourage amazing work by rewarding the creators of the best apps. Participate in the hackathon and you will have the chance to win a 13" Macbook Air, iPhone 4S, or a Kobo Vox eReader.

Those are some pretty amazing prizes. Think you can't win one of them? Don't be silly. Besides, all participants will receive an Awesome account on 500px valid for one year, so you've got nothing to lose and all the Awesomeness on 500px to gain!

If you've been sitting on a great idea for a photo-related app, there's no better opportunity to make the project of your dreams a reality. Designers and developers are encouraged to share their visions and team up to create the ultimate app in both form and function.

Can't wait to get coding? Check out the official Pixel Hack Day page for more details.

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