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500px Team. In dirt.

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · October 14th 2010

Another update on our dirt biking tour. Thanks to Katia Trudeau we got couple of shots how we ended our trial path through the wilderness. The trial was awesome, and I'm looking forward to return there next year for an advanced ride on more powerful bikes (we rode the 230 cc kind)!

Friendly discussion and few more photos are on Facebook.

Celebrating Autumn: 500px Goes Dirt Biking

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · October 10th 2010

This weekend our small 500px team went dirt biking. It was a new experience for all of us, so we bought a 'groupon' few months in advance (it was half-price, so how could we miss?), and when the deadline was approaching, booked a date and went to Peterborough, Ontario, 1 hour east of Toronto.

First, some facts about dirt biking that we didn't know, and were surprised to find out:

1. For most trip, biker is riding standing up. Somewhat like on a subway during rush hour.
2. Front brakes are a NO-NO. They lock the wheel way too quick (street bikers know that front brake gives 75% of breaking power, so it is relied on often. Not so in dirt biking).
3. On a dirt bike you can just ride atop a wood log 20-40 cm diameter without even noticing.
4. Dirt bike is light and feels very responsive.

The trip in the woods lasted 1.5 hours, with about 30-40 minutes practice run with tips and tricks before that. It was massive amount of fun, and we tried to make it to every pool of water that was on the trail. Some of us fell, so it added fun factor for sure. However, we ended up pretty clean, due to lack of rain in the previous days, or else we would be fully covered with dirt.

Since we were on the trail, we couldn't take pictures, so we searched 500px for them. Here are some embedded below.

We liked the latter picture by Karolina so much that it was added to the front page of 500px! Hope you enjoy it!


The Afterword on The Social Network

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · October 5th 2010

Some of you might have seen "The Social Network". Exciting movie, especially when Terminal screen pops right at you — what a thrill!

Well, tonight we too will have a reason to celebrate. Tonight we'll hit a new milestone — more than 400,000 unique visitors in the trailing month. The day is not over yet, so exact numbers are not available, but we already passed this mark.

I never thought it would happen to soon. And it's actually a little frightening — too much growth and too quick. What we need is same love, same energy and more of those great people that create and visit the site daily. Thank you everyone for making this happen! 500px loves you and we are officially happy. Cheers to you, friends!

We are looking for an amazing sales magician

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · September 27th 2010

So, it's this time of the year again. Well, mark this occasion as first ever for us, but it's the autumn and upcoming winter that makes everything in nature get prepared for the frozen state. Well, I better stop dreaming and get back to the topic.

We are looking for an experienced salesperson, who can perform magic for us and reach the stars delicious corporate bodies. We need great, young, communicative, open-minded and extraordinary talented person with ties to corporations. Among basic tasks are things like selling ad space and photo contests, all the way to persuading & implementing very elaborate marketing strategies :-)

As a bootstrap, you'll enjoy of freedom of not having to go to office, beer & wine parties (after work) and being able to make as much as you deserve, not what your boss decides to give you. If you are interested — you'll know how to find us.

September statistics

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · September 25th 2010

Well, now you just know that I'm a big fan of statistics. This month I'll be talking about them too, but — I promise — I'll also talk about our hot air balloon trip (which ended in the Atlantic ocean), and about our Cuba trip with exclusive photos from Cohiba cigar factory.

But back to statistics. September was our best-ever month — trailing month stats now stand at 385,000 unique visitors and 2,450,000 views. Wow! We still do not tap into our marketing budgets and focused our efforts on making our site faster, better and more reliable.

What we expect next? We want 1,000,000 unique visitors in 1 year time. Plus, we are planning to introduce some cool features, and we hope to add value for our photographers by making their digital life a bit better. Talk to you soon!

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