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September statistics

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · September 25th 2010

Well, now you just know that I'm a big fan of statistics. This month I'll be talking about them too, but — I promise — I'll also talk about our hot air balloon trip (which ended in the Atlantic ocean), and about our Cuba trip with exclusive photos from Cohiba cigar factory.

But back to statistics. September was our best-ever month — trailing month stats now stand at 385,000 unique visitors and 2,450,000 views. Wow! We still do not tap into our marketing budgets and focused our efforts on making our site faster, better and more reliable.

What we expect next? We want 1,000,000 unique visitors in 1 year time. Plus, we are planning to introduce some cool features, and we hope to add value for our photographers by making their digital life a bit better. Talk to you soon!

Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics: Stats for July are in

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · August 2nd 2010

"Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics"— I'm sure you've heard that sayin'. Alas, we are here not to lie, but to be as transparent as possible. Actually, that's one of our goals — to be as open as a company can ever be, and to fuel the change in a business environment by being as transparent as perfectly Windex'ed window.

Last time we covered stats for January, half a year have passed by, and here are the numbers for July. We've changed the design, added more features, and recorded a steady growth since then.

To summarize, we had close to 280,000 unique visitors, over 2,000,000 pageviews and pretty good results for 'pages per visit' and 'average time on site'.

In our trailing month statistics we already pushed beyond 280,000 visitors. Ah, a note to remember: that doesn't include stats for our magazine (we track it separately), or for other projects, like LiveJournal community or Beruphoto.

We are growing with a marketing budget still set at $0, and we pride ourselves in being able to cope with that growth. Our next goal? For September, we want to fly by 340,000 unique visitors and want to push beyond 2,500,000 pageviews. Stay with us, and let's see where the future takes us.

How we burnt our RSS with Feedburner

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · July 22nd 2010

Our traffic has been growing at an accelerated pace, and we are constantly thinking of new methods to improve the response rate. One of the 'process hogs' we had were our RSS feeds — we had a total of over 1,000 subscribers (according to Google Reader) but our server requests revealed that the number is somewhere closer to 5,000-10,000 subscribers Apparently there are no reliable methods for measuring RSS feed numbers.

We have used Feedburner previously for our related project Beruphoto, so we decided to do the same, and switched our common feeds to be served via Feedburner.

What you may not know about Feedburner is that you can actually set up your own domain via their service called MyBrand. It allowed us to keep the domain name for serving RSS (for example, our blog is served via,) which makes it convenient and secure to switch to.

After the switch from RSS to Feedburner is complete we'll be able to reduce our server load by tens of thousands requests per day, allowing us to introduce new awesome features.

We love Feedburner and are very happy that it keeps on rolling, bringing value to our viewers and allowing us to offer same great service without worrying of clogging up our server.

The Magic of StumbleUpon

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · July 21st 2010

Many of photographers are aware of the power of the social media. Some gems that worked very well for photographers are StumbleUpon and Ffffound. While the latter one is closed to new members, and remain elusive as to how it works, the former is a great example of crowd power.

StumbleUpon has served well to some 500px photographers, who were not shy of using it. And why be, when it brings you thousands of viewers, hundreds of followers and a few new clients?

We knew this and have conveniently placed a StumbleUpon widget below every photo. Use it — submit your photos to SU (with proper titles, descriptions and category for easy discovery, of course), and watch it making wonders. Some of our photographers had more than 50,000 views for a single photo all due to StumbleUpon. Don't underestimate the power of a crowd, you can influence it and use it to your advantage.

Have a different view? Discuss it with me in comments.

Introducing Skype support

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · July 20th 2010

What's the difference between great salespersons and average salespersons? Great salespersons listen. Well, I think in the age of World 2.0 we can not only listen, but talk as well. So we created a special skype account for your questions, problems or comments about 500px. Just add pixels_support to your contact list, and message or call if you have a problem.

Since there are real people (me) on the other side, we cannot guarantee 100% availability, and I'm sure you will understand that. However, we'll try to maintain this account active to help you with whatever questions you might have about 500px.

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