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A Photo Assignment from Canon Canada!

Published by Alexandra Kim · March 24th 2014

Hey everyone! We’ve got exciting news for you!

Our good friends at Canon Canada have put out a photo assignment, uniquely for 500px photographers worldwide. As a 500px Prime partner, they have decided to source their next photo collections from you - the 500px community. The photos will be purchased by Canon Canada through 500px Prime, which means 70% of every photo will be going back to the photography community.

Canon Canada is looking for photos in 3 categories: "At Play", "Personal Connection", and "Getaway". 14 winning photos will be chosen per category. You can submit as many entries for as many categories as you want, so go on! Get creative!


1. Select or take a photo that fits any or all of the 3 themes.

2. Upload and tag your photo.
For “At Play”, use the hashtag #CanonAtPlay
For “Personal Connection”, use the hashtag #CanonPersonalConnection
For “Getaway”, use the hashtag #CanonGetaway

3. You’re done! You can track all the “At Play” entries here, all the “Personal Connection” entries here, and all the “Getaway” entries here.

1. You have until Monday, March 31, 2014 to submit your entries.
2. Your photo must be taken with both a Canon camera and a Canon lens. The assignment is for Canon, after all!
3. Your photo must fall within one of the categories listed above.
4. Your submission(s) must be Safe For Work.

The winners will be announced on Thursday, April 3, 2014, so be sure to check back to see if your photo was chosen. Happy snapping!

Pro tip: Make sure your store is enabled so we can license it to Canon Canada through 500px Prime!


Weekly Monday Contest

Published by Alexandra Kim · March 24th 2014

Want to be featured on our blog? Every week, we'll announce a theme, and you'll have until Sunday (March 30 at 11 PM PST) to submit your photo as an entry. You may already have an existing photo that fits the theme, or you can upload a brand new photo. Scroll down to see which photos from last week's theme—ABANDONED SPACES—made it to our winning gallery. And don't forget to check out our new theme for next week - we have something VERY special planned for you!

This Week's Gallery

Last week we asked you to get in touch with the lost souls of buildings, fields, trains, castles. These are the discarded, the deserted, the left behind. But you’ve helped find new beauty in these abandoned spaces - and we’re happy to share our favorite 12 here!

Which of these speaks to you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Every week, we hold a random draw giveaway for all those who entered the challenge. The winner of this draw receives a two-month Awesome membership! Our lucky draw winner this week is Tiago Gonçalves.

We will not be announcing a new theme for next week. Instead, please stay tuned for an exciting announcement from our friends at Canon Canada!

20 Spectacular Images By 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Winners

Published by Klassy Goldberg · March 24th 2014

Last week, the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards finally announced the winners of their Open, Youth, and National competitions. We're proud to see some of our own 500px members in this list of winners and finalists. Congrats and hats off to these talented photographers in our community!

Scroll down to browse some of the winning images. Then click on each photo to get to know each photographer and see more of their work.


These are among the ten that will also compete for a cash prize and "Overall Open Photographer of the Year" title on April 30th.

Valerie Prudon

Winner for Arts & Culture category
"This photo was taken in Branxton, Australia in October 2013. After shooting some of the rodeo itself, I decided to go behind the scene to capture the typical environment of this kind of event. This is when I noticed this group of cowboys having a chat and relaxing. Their specific outfits, their boots, their hats and the horses in the background with the sunset made this photo authentic. This was THE moment and I am glad I took a few seconds to immortalize it."

Vlad Eftenie

Winner for Low Light category

Ivan Pedretti

Winner for Panoramic category
"This is a re-edit from one of my favorite images: Panoramic view from south to north of the lighthouse under the milky way arch in Capo Spartivento, Sardinia. Stitched panorama of 12 shots."


Turjoy Chowdhury

His winning photo is not on the site, but it can be viewed here.


Dowon Choi

1st Place, Korea National Award
"Ripples spread to my heart."

Hyunmoo Lee

2nd Place, Korea National Award

Sungjin Kim

2nd Place, Korea National Award

Santu Mondal

3rd Place, India National Award

Adhi Prayoga

His winning photo is not on the site, but it can be viewed here.

Bobby Bong

3rd Place, Indonesia National Award
"Panoramic photo stitch of 7 vertical photos."

Daniel Chia

3rd Place, Singapore National Award
"Built in the 60s, Jalan Bukit Ho Swee houses some of the oldest Public Housing Blocks in Singapore. More than 80% of Singapore's entire population lives in public housing. industrial modernist cubes of monotony, punctuated by varied paraphernalia - potted plants, religious altars, chained bikes, racks of wet clothes marking and defining personal spaces; individual homes in a patterned whole, like intricate tilework. Culture is not maintained through mere inheritance, something left over from our forefathers which we struggle to keep relevant. But from the banal, the mundane, the ritual, we create culture, variation, and somehow, coherence."

Trinh Xuan Hai

1st Place, Vietnam National Award

Torsten Muehlbacher

3rd Place, Austria National Award
"Church in Iceland"

Pygmalion Karatzas

2nd Place, Greece National Award
"By architect Zaha Hadid"

Raban Haaijk

3rd Place, Netherlands National Award
"Rotterdam Awakes - finishing building the new largest building of the Netherlands by Rem Koolhaas"

Lisa Vaz

2nd Place, Portugal National Award
"Fisherman at Inle Lake in Myanmar"

Patrick Ems

1st Place, Switzerland National Award

Ummu Kandilcioglu

Her winning photo is not on the site, but it can be viewed here.

Sean Batten

1st Place, United Kingdom National Award

Luis Roberto Lainez

2nd Place, Centroamerica National Award
"In the middle of the desert I found this beautiful leafless tree that captured my attention. I think the branches resemble all the connections we make throughout life."

Cristian Alvarado

1st Place, Chile National Award

Miguel Burdiles Medina

3rd Place, Chile National Award

Neville Jones

1st Place, Australia National Award
"A Cormorant Fisherman going home after fishing on the Li River near Xingping in China."

Chris Round

His winning photo is not on the site, but it can be viewed here.

Feel free to discuss all the winning photos in the comments below!

36 Photos Of Stormtroopers Doing Awesome Things

Published by Klassy Goldberg · March 21st 2014

In the Star Wars saga, we're told never to underestimate the power of the Force, or the Dark Side for that matter. The same should go for Imperial Stormtroopers. They may not the smartest tools in the shed, but, man, can these long-legged military men really let loose! From dance parties to drag-racing — scroll down to see what Stormtroopers really do when Darth Vader isn't looking!

1. Binge-watching on Netflix

2. Auditioning for Cake Boss

3. Killing it on the dancefloor

4. Egging houses on a school night

5. Being all-around doting dads

6. Taking selfies like a pro

7. Surfing vintage porn

8. Celebrating Cinco De Mayo every. single. day

9. Going on epic hikes in Endor

10. Riding dirty

11. ...and showing off

12. Going to the dog park

13. Getting pampered at the spa

14. Making out like there's no tomorrow

15. Rooftopping like whoa

16. Having the raddest dance offs

17. Pulling pranks on each other

18. Skating like a pro

19. Recruiting the youth of tomorrow

20. Shooting hoops with ballers

21. Tightrope-walking across Cloud City (We double dare you, Lando!)

22. Visiting the zoo

23. Rolling with the punches like champs

24. Going on field trips to icy Hoth

25. DIY-ing some cool hacks

26. Office spring cleaning

27. Doing random acts of kindness

28. Just rocking out with the guys

29. Drag racing with super-charged warp drives

30. Learning how to use the Force (and failing)

31. Seducing the ladies

32. Taking trips to the moon

33. Facetiming with the boss (basically, working weekends)

34. Playing live sold-out shows to fangirls everywhere

35. Going on neat dates

36. Doing graffiti on the Death Star

Want to see more still life images of toys doing cool things? Click here.

Undeniable Proof Of Animals Just Being Bros

Published by Klassy Goldberg · March 20th 2014

Wipe that frown off your face. Today is UN's International Day of Happiness! And what better way to make you smile than these 30 photos of odd animal friendships? Inspired by the popular blog, Animals Being Bros, we rounded up our own adorable images of acts of kindness between the species. If these unlikely couples can manage to co-exist with one another and form bonds, so can human beings! Ready for some cute overload?

1. "A lot of tension in your gluteus maximus, bro."

2. "Clean up your act, bro."

3. Brother from another mother.

4. "Started from the bottom. Now we're here."

5. Much bromance. Very friendship. So amaze. Wow. So doge.

6. "Stick with me, chick."

7. Just being bros...spooning.

8. "ERMAHGERD! True Detective last night—"
"Hey! No spoilers, bro!"

9. Awww. No words. Just awww.

10. "Go home, bro, you are drunk."

11. "Do the harlem shake!"

12. "Thanks for the lift, bro."

13. "LEG-olas, what do your elf eyes see?"

14. "Sharing is caring, bro."

15. Don't interrupt this serious cuddling session!

16. Totally M.F.E.O.

17. "Ruh-roh."

18. "Om nom nom nom."

19. "That was such a hoot, bro."

20. "Just let me love you!"

21. "They see me rollin', they hatin'..."

21. "A hobbit lay here. And then another..."

22. "Under the sea, darlin' it's better, down where it's wetter..."

23. "Selfie!"

24. "Let's just hug it out, bro."

25. Ridin' dirty

26. Bromancin' in the streets

27. Happy hour at the local watering hole

28. "What's wrong? Talk to me, bro."

29. "Don't worry! I got this, bro."

30. Best seat in the house.

We hope these photos made you smile and laugh today, as well as inspired you to go out and make new friends!
See more adorable alliances here.

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