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Cover Photo Challenge For Next Month: Seascapes + This Month’s Winner

Published by Klassy Goldberg · April 2nd 2014

April has arrived! It's time to for a new Cover Photo Challenge. We're sailing out to sea. The challenge theme is SEASCAPES, and it's up to your own interpretation — oceans, seas, or any body of water.

You can submit by tagging your relevant images with 500pxSeascapes. The winning photo will be our official Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ cover photo in May. You have until April 30, 2014 at 11:59 P.M. PST to submit and tag your photos.

And now, our April challenge winner:

Congrats to OLLI HANKA for winning our Up In The Air challenge! His photo will be our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ cover photo for the entire month.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Up In The Air challenge last month! We can't wait to see your Seascapes submissions. Happy snapping!

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22 Insects Too Crafty To Be Caught By The Naked Eye

Published by rylihennessey · April 2nd 2014

Some things are just too small, too fast, or too subtle to be caught by the naked eye. Lucky for you, we have an entire collection of images from the unseen world of insects captured by photographers, and available for license exclusively on 500px Prime. This is not for the squeamish! Hairy arachnids, stinging bees, and the compound eyes of flies are all revealed. But if you ask us, they're all quite alluring.


Xylocopa Violacea by Matteo Senesi on 500px


Just hanging around ...  by Manuel Faessler on 500px


Moth by Matteo Senesi on 500px


Still hungry by Johari (Paklang) Saad on 500px


Alien Face by Matteo Senesi on 500px


Locust by Matteo Senesi on 500px


Beautiful Machaon  by Sébastien Delarbre  on 500px

Photograph Un 

pò di Fortuna by Matteo Senesi on 500px


Ommatius ouachitensis by Donald Jusa on 500px


Alone by Cherly Jong on 500px


Araneus diadematus by Matteo Senesi on 500px


Friends  by Alejandro  Ferrer Ruiz  on 500px


Libellula by Matteo Senesi on 500px


Just a little fly ... by Amine Fassi on 500px


Butterflies by Ravikanth Kurma on 500px


light and shade by Takeshi Hata on 500px


tximeleta gorri-beltza by gorka orexa on 500px


Droplet by John Cogan on 500px


Nano DOF Fight by Amine Fassi on 500px


21 Photos Of Cute Baby Giraffes That Will Make Your Day Better

Published by Klassy Goldberg · April 2nd 2014

For some reason, "baby giraffe" is trending today on Twitter. So we thought we'd jump in too, and post these 21 images of cute baby giraffes. These long-legged infants just might perk up the middle of your week! Scroll down, and prepare to swoon!

See more gorgeous giraffes.
Got any fun facts, personal experiences, and photos of giraffes to share with the community? Tell us below!

17 Colorful Blossoms That Will Whet Your Appetite For Spring

Published by rylihennessey · April 1st 2014

What is that? You know, that thing up in the sky? That brilliant yellow orb. The sun, you say? We had almost forgotten! Here at the San Francisco 500px office, the clouds have nearly cleared, nature is in bloom, and people have left their winter coats at home. This could only mean one thing — spring is here. Even if the sun's rays haven't quite reached your part of the world, you can still enjoy this collection of beautiful spring blooms brought to you by 500px Prime.

If you like what you see, check out the huge collection of beautiful images now available for license on 500px Prime!


spring breathe by Toni Arnaste Boixadera on 500px


orchard  by Bak GiSeok on 500px


Wild Beauty by Judith Jean-Baptiste on 500px


Bright Anemone by Tracy Lamus on 500px


water lily? by Takeshi Hata on 500px

Photograph ???

????? by Katsumi Uemura on 500px


Enchanted forest 1 by Bart Ceuppens on 500px

Photograph The 

Beauty of Poppy Field by Partha Ghosh on 500px


Puppy under rain by Michel  ZAREBSKI on 500px


Welcome Spring by Amine Fassi on 500px

Photograph ??

??? by Fifi Lan on 500px


Promise of spring by Péter Koczkás on 500px


Elegance by Noriaki Sugimoto on 500px

Photograph Red 

by Franka . on 500px

Photograph *-* 

by Delphine. D on 500px


Morning Glory by Ethan Abelov on 500px

Photograph Dad 

Looking On by Christian Skilbeck on 500px


Introducing a New Category!

Published by Alexandra Kim · April 1st 2014

Here at 500px we like keep tabs on photography trends and inform you of all the do’s and don’t’s. Over the past couple years, there has been a lot of debate around whether the pop culture phenomenon of The Selfie is a hip movement or a degradation to society. Well, 500px is settling the debate. Although some people may protest, there is no denying that The Selfie is not going away. That’s why we think that the timeless nature of this movement makes it worthy of its own 500px category.

This category may be new to some 500px users. To ensure that you are able to explore and enjoy this category as much as possible, we have put together a pro guide.

How to take a selfie:

1. Choose your camera. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone… Take your pick!
2. Choose your shooting position. You have two choices: In a mirror (preferably in a bathroom) or using the front camera of your phone and extending your arm to capture your whole subject - you!
3. Smile, wink, duck face. This is what makes or breaks a good Selfie. Put on your best face.
4. Take your photo!

To add to the celebrations, we are adding a new auto-enhancer to help you personalize your Selfies called The Selfie Enhancer. This handy tool will help you add a little something extra to your photo.

How to use The Selfie Enhancer:

1. Upload your Selfie to 500px.
2. Press the Selfie Enhancer button.
3. Watch as magical stickers and expressions are added to your Selfie.

To see this new category, click here!


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