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Rob Harris

Rob Harris

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I first played around with photography back when i was in primary school. I often asked to borrow my Mum's old Halina 110 Flashmatic to take with me on school trips and I remember having fun photographing anything and anyone that was in front of the lens. I later rediscovered photography when i got my first camera phone back in 2004. I felt like i had an outlet for my creativity, a way to express myself through photos and give people a way to see the world thorough my eyes. I soon purchased a DSLR and begain learing how to take photos with a 'Proper' camera. My Photographic passion is Landscape and Wildlife, spending many a weekend chasing the light or tring to wait out the rain to get the shot. Thank you for taking the time to read this and check out my photos.
Jomz Ramos

Jomz Ramos

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Andy Young

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a. moreno

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Kristin Harris

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Matt Lomas

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Marc McQuilling

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