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david breen

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please vote, and enter this competition

Published May 28th, 2012

so here is a great competition... the prize is amazing. follow the link.

my only shameful self serving request, vote for my image by way of thank you


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the CULL begins

Published September 16th, 2011

as an advance warning to anyone who hasnt read my blogs before, they go around the houses a bit before they get to the point... but I will try and keep this one without too many oblique referneces and connections...

So now the warning is out of the way I have a story to tell… about facebook, and flickr and now 500px, I may add 1x in the mix also, maybe not

No I am going to… how bloody hard is it to get an image accepted over there… let me tell you HARD. I have two and had loads rejected… interesting concept, like Flickr with bouncers on the door, but if you are on the guest list it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, you get in…

Anyway rant over, Facebook…. A few months ago I found facebook unusable, there was that much info coming down the line it became ridiculous... so I came up with a strategy I called it CULL Friday. It went like this, every Friday I would cull at lease 10 friends. Now when I say friends, I have over 500 through playing Mafia Wars and generally accepting any ...

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