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Dave Wagner

Dave Wagner

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My photo hobby began at a young age with a Kodak 110 camera. As I got older I got to use better cameras, one of them was a Kodak Retina IIIc with Schneider Kruznach lenses that were stunningly sharp and helped me produce spectacular images. By High School I had saved enough money to get a 35 mm SLR with a couple of lenses. I shot for the school yearbooks and freelanced to the local newspaper shooting sports. While I attended University in Florida I had a very successful Wedding and Events Photography business. Eventually the demands of school, and a desire to return to journalism, became too great and I gave the business to my partner. I was hired as Second Assistant to Theo A. Westenberger for the cover of August 6, 1990 Newsweek magazine. The Title was "The Most Hated Man in Baseball" and it covered George Steinbrenner's ban from baseball. I continued freelancing to sports magazines and shooting events on the weekends, in addition to my workload as Staff Photographer for the USF Oracle. I later became Photo Editor. Since then I have been a Photographer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, shot commercial real estate interiors and exteriors, executive head shots and events.
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Eric Barnes

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