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Brian Rodgers Jr.

Brian Rodgers Jr.



Brian Rodgers Jr. is an award winning visual artist, photographer/digital artist based in Northern Indiana. His passion and dedication for his craft has made him a true hero among the various clients he has worked with throughout the years. At his core, Brian is an artist. He loves to create art. He has a deep appreciation for those moments...those nuances in life that most people tend to overlook. Brian began preparing for a career as a graphic designer at an early age, taking every art class that his school would allow him to take. He immersed himself in illustration, sculpting, painting, and eventually digital photography back in 2002. While other college classmates got caught up in purchasing stock images for projects, he began using his own photography as a supplement to his designs. Over the course of time, he realized that he wasn't a graphic designer; he was a photographer. The real focus of his attention soon became using a combination of digital cameras, lenses and photoshop techniques to create compelling images. He was now using these tools as means to create art. Needless to say, he became smitten with the world of digital photography. Brian believes that photography is a very technical craft; a real cultivation of knowledge, vision and aesthetic. Brian delivers his brand as an experience while establishing a bond of trust with every client he works with. He creates promoters that value his work. He has had the privilege of photographing some pretty amazing people throughout the years. He continues to grow and progress as a photographer/digital artist, allowing his passion for the craft to guide the way.
  • Does it really matter? It's just a tool to create the images in our mind
  • Different focal lengths, different apertures
  • Soft Light, Hard Light, Mixed Light...Light is Light
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