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Dimitry Anikin

Dimitry Anikin



As you may have guessed, I am a photographer... I love to travel, to meet new people and to experience new cultures. I love to explore. I love to see the world as a place of endless and indescribable wonder. I love to be excited and optimistic about everything! But most importantly, I love to share my experiences, excitement and optimism with anyone who cares to listen. This is why I am a travel photographer (I know that's an ambiguous term, but I can't think of any better title). I was born in Russia, grew up in Ireland and now live in Austria. My interest in photography reached it's peak while I was studying Film Production and Cinematography in Dublin, Ireland. During this time I had a fantastic photography teacher, who pushed me creatively, and exaggeratedly praised my efforts. I learned how to shoot with analogue equipment (both stills and moving image), which helped me to understand how all the optical physics stuff works, and inspired me to think about subject matter, framing, lighting, depth of field, noise and distortion, white balance, colour temperature, chromatic aberration, post-processing, workflows and all that exciting stuff in a creative way. Yes, I became a photo nerd! Something was not right during my studies though... Most of the projects and assignments were about creating staged scenes, making up storyboards, writing scrips and generally letting the imagination go wild. Suffice to say, the results were overly contrived. I realized that I needed something real... Something free! I stuck with it, learned about narrative and story-telling, and gained invaluable knowledge and understanding of the technicalities of photography. When I was done, I set off on a path of documenting the wonderful world around me as it is, without any actors, fancy lighting, excessive post processing or an art department. After over eight years of experience in various photographic disciplines, I have specialized in travel and landscape digital photography. This allowed me to combine my love for exploration, adventure, technology and image-making into what has become a life passion. Thats not to say that I shy away from other forms of expression. As a self-proclaimed art connoisseur and technologist, my interests range from graphic design, impasto painting and graffiti to electronic music production and computer programming. I want to show you the world as I see it, by any means possible. With a bit of luck, you will see it as brightly as I do...
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