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Published October 21st, 2012

This photoshoot with Gabby that took place last September made me realise that i wanted to seriously take up photography, not just as a hobby but a career.

The idea behind this shoot was very vague at first but progressed in more depth as the shooting went on. A girl who has lost her sister and the only thing she has of her is the locket, so she wanders through their favourite places lost in her thoughts and memories.

I made the mistake of thinking about 'looking for the light' as in placing the model where ever the light fell through the trees. This was a mistake a regret as it was a very sunny and clear day so the rays were strong and exposed her face so much so you could barely make out features.

The other mistake was the editing. I'm still learning about photoshop but have least that simple is the best, sadly i didn't know that when i first edited them so some are very...saturated. I went back and edited some properly after i realised my mistakes.

All in all, i learnt from my mi ...

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