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Erik Bont

Erik Bont



in every picture erik takes, he wants the audience to feel the expression of the emotions which have forced his mind, his heart and his soul to do this shot. he loves to shock, fascinate and amaze the audience with his emotional shots, all feelings of erik combined in one picture. his calm but simultaneously powerfull pictures represents you erik as a human, not as a souvenir of business. in eriks mind a picture, where you can not feel an emotion and dont get some goosebumps, is not a good picture. the fact that he can do the job which define his heart and soul, encourage his photography every second of his life and let him realise his works in such a strong impact. erik shot celebrities like markus schenkenberg, jesus luz, wayne carpendale, etc. and worked for different big clients and big magazines. His photos are also shown in photoVOGUE italy.
photö C.Loruenser

p. C.Loruenser

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René Marquardt

René Marquardt

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Thomas Polster

Thomas Polster

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Marcel Swann

Marcel Swann

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Gianni Catto

Gianni Catto

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Ömür Kahveci

Ömür Kahveci

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Rebecca Kuglitsch

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Stephan Schatz

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