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Eric F. Schetley

Eric F. Schetley



I'm just another guy with a camera. Never claimed to be a photographer, amateur or otherwise. Some folks think I take a pretty good picture every now and then. I'll leave it up to you to decide. Otherwise, I'm a 40-something geek with a wife whom I love more than life itself, and four step-children whom I'm rather fond of. I've done the on-line thing for over 25 years now, everything from a columnist (back in the days before everyone blogged), editor, crappy fractal designer and picture-taker (back in the day, I used to known as Onestar over at DeviantArt). Yes, I'm a computer geek, but there's no need to hold that against me. I moved from the glorious hills and valleys of Pittsburgh to the incredibly flat farmlands of the Midwest for True Love. You're more likely to find me behind a camera than in front of it. The end to my story hasn't been written.
primo masotti

primo masotti

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Scott Jarkoff

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A. Babyak

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Fiona Stops

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