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Glenn Marcus

Glenn Marcus

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I wrestle with the question: what kind of photographer are you? I have a hard time defining a category for myself. A friend recently helped by saying... well I can tell you what you are not. He then listed things like macro photography or portraits that he said was rarely profiled. He said that my photography is more about the use of light, scenes, buildings. I am a scene person, I lean to landscapes, but typically most of my landscape with some structure in the scene. A fence, a bridge, a building. Much of my photography comes from our frequent trips to Italy and France. Urban scenes for sure, but also landscapes that typically have some type of structure, something to ground the scene. Living in Vancouver, BC, however, offers much in terms of architecture, sea and land. Recently I have been incorporating the technique of long exposure photography into my work. I like the way the gentle movement of grass, trees, water and colours are transformed with longer shutter speeds. It is also a way to help to minimize detail that can cause detraction. So I will continue on my photographer's journey, and thank you in advance for taking the time to view some of my work. I will appreciate any comments you choose to leave.
  • Nikon D7100
  • 18-200, 18-300, 12-24, 16-85
  • SURI, Manofoto, Giotto Tripods, Manfrotto Heads
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