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Former freelance graphic designer. Currently Photoshop and Lightroom tutor saving photographers of all skill levels from drowning in their ocean of Digital images. Passionate about street photography in Washington, DC My mantra - Reinventing oneself is good for the soul as well as the bank account. I started gmsdesigns as a freelance graphic design business in 2004. My target market was the small business owner or solo entrepreneur who lacked the time or the budget to effectively advertise and market their business. In January of 2012 I decided to take the business in a new direction, moving away from design work in favor of providing services to a more specific niche market. Why do this… There has been an explosion of digital photography and photographers both amateur and professional over the past few years. For many of these individuals the focus has become the creative aspect of their photography and this is as it should be. The very nature of digital photography however allows for the creation of thousands of images that need to be managed. That or D.A.M. (digital asset management) as it’s known is at the core of my new business model. I have discovered that there is quite a demand for individualized services tailored to the specific needs of the amateur photographer or small business photography pro who wants to focus on creativity rather than managing files. My goal quite simply is to meet that need. I am thankful to all of my clients that have enabled the business to thrive.
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