Scott Leonard

Scott Leonard



Scott Leonard is an award winning Internationally published fashion & beauty editorial photographer currently located in Orlando, FL. Scott's work has been featured in multiple publications such as Vogue IT (website), National Geographic Society (website), Ellement NY Magazine, Brink Magazine, as well as many online blogs, and newspapers. In 2012, Scott Leonard was one of the runner up contestants for SNAP Orlando, consequentially Scott had his work placed in gallery for the duration of the event as well as having work featured in City Arts Factory in the downtown Orlando metropolitan. Scott Leonard is a card carrying member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers), a well established and respectable organization. Scott in addition to having his work published in print and online has won a number of competitions online, he currently has images listed on sites such as & which hold awards including Top Women's Portrait of 2012. Scott Leonard takes photography seriously, he lives, eats and breaths art.
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