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Cross Promotion

Published March 4th, 2012

A lot of us here are ALWAYS looking for new ways to share our work, get jobs, exhibitions, and build a fan base (I'm a big fan of a lot of people on here). I love how 500px uses the open-graph, wish they could throw facebook, twitter, etc buttons on the stories.

We ALL can use a little (or more than a little) help from our friends, I'm no exception. So lets work together to cross-promote each other. You can drop me a PM on my facebook and let me know what you've done and your info and I'll promote you on my page, etc. Sound like a good deal?

My facebook business page is:



Let's work together and grow with each other.


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This is gonna take awhile....

Published February 14th, 2012

Hi fellow photographers,

Had the account for awhile, but just got around to do something with this. Gonna take eons to put my portfolio up, so please be patient with me. Interested to hear what you think of my work. Will try to stick key pieces of upcoming shoots up along with portfolio pieces as I go. Follow me, I follow you:)

Cheers from Singapore (for now)


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