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Florence Chan

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Published August 7th, 2011

Let me start out by saying, as a transplant from Calgary, overcast skies in Toronto are remarkably deceiving. You'd think after three years I'd be used to it or know to look out for it? Nope, i chose skinny jeans and a tshirt and paid for it later. Some people may be able to deal with that; in Toronto in 94% humidity, I certainly cannot.

I got downtown late, driving by Yonge and Dundas a bit late and scrambling for parking. I saw a fair chunk of the group standing there when I drove by, but by the time i got there after snagging a spot in a nearby parkade, everyone had headed up to the office.

I picked up a cold drink in the meantime and soon everyone was back downstairs to begin the walk.

Our route took us south along Yonge, then across Queen to Spadina, the Golden Pineapple for lunch, then north up to Dundas, then around again to Yonge/Dundas Square, where we all went our separate ways.

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