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Maria  Alexea

Maria Alexea



Maria Alexea having as origin and inspiration her small village of Taygetus Peloponnese was inevitably since childhood inclined towards a great love for nature, which made her to act for the trees, the sky , for the earth at her feet. Seeking in this nature the most logical beautiful forms she tried to find the movements which expressed these forms ;swaying the body rhythmically as if blown by the wind , achieving an imitation of the tree or the wave or cloud, and all natural forces which in Greek mythology were represented by gods and nymphs and later expressed in all great music of Bach and Beethoven. Greek positions and movements are the positions and movements of nature and therefore they are universal and constitute the art and love of humanity for all time The biography of Greek artist Maria Alexea covers a wide range of studies in Music (Diploma of Cello, Wuerzburg, Germany), studies in Dance (Salzburg), Film Studies (Stavrakos School, Athens), as well as Science (Diploma of Neuroscience, Sussex University, United Kingdom) and Philosophy (Platonic philosophy of Art, Sussex University United Kingdom). She has given numerous concerts in Europe as a Cellist and she had exhibited her art in Heidelberg and Florence.Her last and most important exhibition was the one taking place at the palace of Jaegerhof (Goethe Museum Düsseldorf) under the title “Goethe’s Greek dream” presenting her self-directed photographs
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