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Justin Grimm

Justin Grimm



Over the past few years my main passion has been building tropical aquarium display tanks for myself and others (google "Grimm Vivarium").... Bringing the natural world inside the home, without ever really exploring it myself. Since then I have realized it is a lot more enjoyable to go out on adventures, then bring back a little peace of nature in photographic form instead! I am a creative perfectionist which can be a curse at times, but the end result of a crystal clear photograph displayed on a wall is always worth it. I use many advanced shooting techniques in the field, and my own creativity in post production to bring out the very best memories of each place I visit. Hopefully my images give you a little sense of how awesome the natural world is! For high quality aluminum or acrylic prints, please visit my website.
Tyler Auer

Tyler Auer

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Dani Lefrancois

D. Lefrancois

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Mauro P

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Scotty Perkins

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Joseph Wong

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Chris Gaffney

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Onur Yeldan

Onur Yeldan

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Cliff Wu

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