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Kenny Muir

Kenny Muir



I plan to share my most interesting work here, although with such a high standard of photography on 500px I don't expect to hold your attention for long! I hope you find something here to enjoy. My work is predominantly landscapes from Scotland and New Zealand with the odd cityscape thrown in. I am also trying to document auroral activity in Northern Scotland over the course of solar cycle 24. Solar storms in Scotland are overall less frequent and weaker than higher latitude locations like Scandinavia and Alaska with many wasted evenings - however when all the elements come together it all truly pays off. I will upload my best aurora images here however if you wish to follow my progress tracking the aurora I will be using my facebook page more frequently
Francisco Medina

F. Medina

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Bryan Mansell

Bryan Mansell

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Gabriel Gaina

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Seth S.

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Ali Saadat

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Kah Kit Yoong

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James Curzio

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Chris Jones

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Ben Cullen

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David Fross

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