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Freelance photographer. I think "Words" and "Photographs" having the same spirit. My pictures made of poetry, philosophy, psychology,supernatural idea and spiritual feelings of typically Japanese. Thank you for your visit. ※Please do not use all image on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission. Copyright ©Lafugue Logos All Rights Reserved. 《Best of 2012:Still Life Into the dream》 《Editors' Choice》 2012/ 3/22 Afterimage of the fairy 2012/ 4/28 Molting of the creator 2012/ 6/10 Canvas in the morning 2012/ 9/12 Decrescendo epilogue 2012/12/11 Epic of blue flower 2013/12/12 Feeble dancersMacrografiks】【Eliza The Gallery】 【LA Photo Gallery】 【camerapixoNo.25 HOTSHOTS】 《Book cover》 ・Editions Héloïse d'Ormesson Issue~  Author:Mary Wesley ”La Pelouse de camomille” 《Magazine publications》 ・Practical-Photography-Magazine October 2013/gallery ・Digital Photo–December 2013/Inside the Image ・Digital Photo Lens: Advanced Methods For Nikon      Photographers–May2014 /Camera academy ・Photography Masterclass Magazine2014 (for iPad or iPhone) etc…  《cover photo:OPENLAB》  《HTC One M8 Wallpapers》  
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