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Martýn Alexandro

Martýn Alexandro

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Hello, my name is Martýn Alexandro. You may remember me from sites such as Flickr and JPG Mag :) Now, seriously, I'm a totally amateur photographer -the eternal amateur-, showing some pictures that I've taken through the years. I know that I won't be the next Helmut Newton -or anything like that- but I did take some good photographs. When I'm shooting I transform myself, I forget the world and all that I have in mind is the objective and what's beyond the camera. I like "organic" photographs, so, not that much post-processing [I seldom open them in PhotoShop, just in LightRoom]. I know they may look better with more post-processing but, that's just not my cup of tea. I really hope you like what you see and, please, do not hesitate to ask me whatever you may want to know or to criticize whatever you don't like (well-intentioned, constructive criticism is always welcome), and, please, don't hold yourself from telling me if you find anything that you really like as well. Thank you again for stopping by and have a nice day! Please like our facebook page and you'll get some freebies... P.S.: In case you feel generous enough and want to spend some bucks on my work, you can buy my ^timestoppoing book here P.S.S.: You can also buy any of the pictures here
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