Megan Raube

Megan Raube



Megan is a Long Island based photographer focusing on creative editorial and commercial photography. She found her passion for this art at a young age, when she first picked up a small point and shoot. Her talents and eye developed through the years and she put herself through college to earn an art degree in Imaging. Her work was broad at first, mostly portraits and landscapes but as her talents expanded so did her interests. She found her niche in advertising, and her work has taken off. Megan offers a unique eye for photographic advertisements, choosing to see them more as a work of art rather than a simple image to sell a product. She creates images that are dynamic and eye-catching; something that is crucial to the work of advertising. Not losing sight of her roots, she continues to photograph portraits as well, however now more with a modern and editorial edge. While new to the professional world of photography, and no longer shielded by the comfort of schooling, Megan has had real world experience and considers herself a true professional. She has worked alongside photographers in her field and has gained real-world knowledge that cannot be taught inside a classroom. Megan is a young and eager-hearted professional and is excited to truly begin her photographic career.
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